100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]

hey there minecraft fans my name is luke

the notable and in this video i'll be

surviving 100 days in minecraft super

flat super flat is an official minecraft

world style that is obviously very flat

yep the entire world is flat three

layers of dirt and then unbreakable

bedrock structures can generate like

this village here but other than that

there's pretty much nothing i also want

to point out i'm playing on hardcore

mode so if i die the whole world is

deleted and my playthrough is over i've

had this idea for months and i was super

excited to get playing it was a lot of

fun and i definitely think you should

try it yourself though you're gonna have

to steal from the villagers so you gotta

be okay with that if you want to live in

super flat that's pretty much all i did

day one i stole food i stole cobblestone

if it weren't for these villages i'd

probably already be dead but after a

productive day one i had some shelter

stone tools and taters which is really

all you can hope for like my original

hundred days the only objective here is

to not die and that's asking a lot for

super flat the most immediate threat was

the slimes because of how the world is

created they will constantly spawn even

in daylight and without armor and stone

weapons i had to be incredibly careful

here all i tried to do today was cut

down a few trees but the relentless

slimes kept me barricaded in my house

one golem in the town kinda helped but

the slime spawned way faster than i can

kill them so i barely got anything done

today so day three i spent some time

building a wall no golems allowed

slimes can still technically spawn

inside the wall because this game mode

is torture but none can get in from

outside yep it's day three and the

clopping of the slimes is already

starting to drive me insane i just want

one treat

but hey i just got an idea of how to get

some iron i just have to wait i know i

could just kill the golems manually but

i'm scared alright it's day four i'm not

dead yet

and i have a bucket a bucket new tree

farm wall i'm living large yeah i'm

doing so well i decided to set up

another base today i spawn near two

villages and it'd be nice to be between

them of course i built my new base out

of slime because i hate them hate is a

strong word but this time it's very

accurate could use dirt probably should

have used dirt i can punch holes in my

walls way too easy here yeah and then i

forgot a bed so i couldn't even sleep

there tonight had to run through the

slime field right in early day five i

was back at the slime compound

installing a wall for obvious reasons

now i got a wall i got a farm i got a

house looking pretty prosperous over

here slimes don't seem to be able to

spawn inside of my wall i'm not sure why

but i'm gonna take it as a massive


and yeah i don't have a roof but i've

got two doors so it's home all right now

that i have my own house i can really

start ripping away all of these

villagers possessions i don't want to

get too crazy though mostly just want

some easy wood for some charcoal you

can't mine coal and super flat because

coal doesn't exist so this is the only

way to get torches that was all i did on

day six pretty sure i had to pee so i

just let that charcoal cook some of the

trees sprouted on day seven and that's

good because now i can build more wall

of course nothing's easy about a

thousand slimes protested my new wall so

i killed them got a nice new partition

today done though gonna fill it with

farmland i've got massive dreams for

this farm today i'm just putting down

the structure i don't even have the

seeds for it if i want good stuff in

super flat i've got to trade with the

villagers and farming is a great way to

get that started of course the slimes

got in the way the whole time even with

the wall so there was more of the same

on day 9 taking stuff from the villagers

and getting attacked by slimes

mark my words one day when my true power

is realized i will eradicate them all

listen if all you heard all day was the

pitters and patters of slimes you'd want

to cleanse them from the world as well

stonks were looking pretty good on day

10 i had a reliable method of getting

food and blocks and i had some iron so i

made a sword and a pickaxe i think most

of us probably would i still didn't have

armor but i was getting pretty confident

at running away from the slimes

especially in an open field so i decided

to go after some farther villages get

out of the bed timmy or i'll kill your


i'm mostly just here for the seeds

carrots potatoes wheat it doesn't matter

every village also has houses in them

that can spawn chess which can have some

decent items but for now brett excites

me in this village i found a fletcher

and sold some sticks to him for some

easy emeralds i definitely made sure to

take his workstation there's no other

way to make them because you can't get

flint and super flat i can already tell

i'm gonna have to do a lot more

adventuring to get the good stuff but

hey adventuring's fun

my inventory was bursting with loot

though so day twelve i had to bunny hop

my way home but with all these new seeds

i'm starting to get a pretty massive

farm oh yeah in a few days that's gonna

make some good money now it's day 13 and

i'm feeling lucky you're gonna try to

get a villager back to my slime compound

well this isn't gonna work but at least

you can't get out of the boat yeah

really not sure i'm gonna be able to go

over the slime field in a boat i'm still

naked just one of the big boys kills me

in like three hits it's not worth the

risk so day 14 i started building a

tunnel gonna connect my compound to the


at this point i was just grateful that

there's three dirt blocks above the

bedrock otherwise this tunnel wouldn't

have worked i also spent some time

farming and the slimes cheered me on the

entire time

i still have more digging to do got to

get this tunnel boat sized it might just

look like a dirt tunnel now but i swear

this is my first step towards greatness

oh hey bro what's up yeah yeah check out

this house nothing sinister in there

sure this isn't the prettiest villager

abduction tunnel but this is hardcore

superflat it's not about vanity and look

at that after a few days of labor i had

my own fletcher right by camp so now i

can sell all the wood i generate on a

day-to-day basis for huge profits and

i'll work on selling my crops next i

lied the first thing i did was set up an

armorer so now i can buy some iron armor

of course i'm gonna need more money to

get a full set but i think eventually

i'll be able to get some diamond armor

or if you're wondering this guy's still

out here he's fine the slimes don't go

after him i barely ever use third-person

mode i just don't like how it looks i

just don't trust these slimes one bit

i've been pretty good about sleeping

through the night didn't want any

monsters to spawn on my land but

one night i go without sleeping and look

at this creepers bats

oh hey look free bones and arrows i

guess it's not all bad i got that

villager in today made him an armor and

bought some pants from him nice

at night i lit up the compound with some

torches i just haven't had enough to do

it but i really don't want creepers

spawning inside my walls again day 18

i'm finally grabbing a farmer at least i

would be if the slimes would let me it

didn't take long to get the farmer in

just had to do a little paddling across

bedrock which honestly feels kind of

weird but now i have two money-making

methods my oak logs for sticks and my

glorious farm no slime sorry you can't

have any you don't have rights so now i

can sell carrots beets sticks and maybe

eventually i can even buy food from this

guy it's all connected and hey the armor

started selling chain mail boots so i'm

completely covered i'm really starting

to feel confident by day 19 i've got

armor walls

bread everything you need you know at

this point i could probably just chill

in a hole for the next 81 days make it

to 100 and call it a wrap but i'm gonna

keep going today i got a second farmer

so hopefully i can diversify my farm

profit day 20 was a good one

started off by getting some free arrows

and killing on my land

i meant witches yeah witches and after

selling some sticks to this idiot i had

enough emeralds to buy some diamond

armor just some diamond tim's for now

it's all i can afford just kidding i'm

hella rich off sticks and got some

diamond pants too and i don't have

enough money for it yet but a few more

emeralds i'll be able to get a full set

so of course i went straight back to

chopping wood diamond armor was a huge

goal for me you know in the last year or

so i've come a long way in minecraft

i've definitely gotten a lot better at

the game

in my original 100 days by day 21 i

didn't have nearly as much as i have now

on a super flat world well i guess my

house is made out of slime and still

doesn't have a roof but at least i have

some diamond armor all i'm saying is i

really doubt i'd be able to live like

this if i tried this challenge a year

ago i would definitely

almost certainly end up dead i'm mostly

bringing this up because a lot of the

footage for these days are me shopping i

really wanted that diamond armor there

it is though full set of diamonds on a

super flat world next thing i'm going

for is tools though i really don't want

to farm and shop the whole time for all

of my diamonds it's not very interesting

content and honestly not very fun to

play so day 23 i hit the road with a map

and some food

looking for some of that good village

loot oh there's so much i can get pretty


every village at this point had

something that i had never had before

there's just a lot of value in these

villages that you don't normally see in

a regular minecraft playthrough every

single stone mason i found was a free

emerald mostly though i was looking for

a saddle because with a horse i could

explore even more and get even more


a horse would save a lot of food too

bunny hopping is quite taxing on your

body and i gotta say with my new diamond

armor even the big slimes don't pose

much of a threat day 25 i found a

weaponsmith i forgot these existed they

have two

blocks of lava the weaponsmith also has

a chest that has some really nice loot

inside here i got some free iron tools

oh hey the next village over had another

one look at that and the chest inside

had a saddle that's a notable moment

right there and on my way back home i

copped a horse we're best friends


until he dies this right here this is a

massive upgrade i am living thanks to my

new horse i was able to get home quickly

and made a tool smith looks like i'm

gonna need a fair amount of iron to

level them up shouldn't be too hard to

get some i know where some golems live i

also tried to get a weaponsmith but he

wanted to be a farmer

well it's his life so now i'm going back

out but this time i have a horse so i'll

be a lot more efficient like i said i

need iron so i'm gonna be stopping in

the villages that i know about and

killing the golems there

i know i probably could have started

doing this a long time ago but i don't

really feel comfortable using this

method unless i have some decent armor

uh nothing happened on day 28

no nothing at all yeah more of the same

just looking for that village loot if i

find enough lava i can probably make

another portal after finding some more

love i almost left this weaponsmith

without checking the chest inside that

would have been a big mistake cause your

boy found diamonds

natural diamonds in a super flat world

this is huge i can do so much now

i'm pretty sure that's not the only way

you can find a natural diamond in a

super flat world but just the fact that

i got him i was feeling good and to make

things even better day 29 i found

another weaponsmith and this chest had

obsidian well now i can make another

portal time to go back home and find out

if the nether is flat too building the

actual portal is going to be a bit tough

i have to use lava and i don't have a

flint and steel to light it i also

should have been a little more careful i

don't have a diamond pickaxe so i messed

up here and wasn't able to fix it

fortunately i had enough lava and

obsidian to make the portal without much

issue though like i said without flint

and steel lighting it was gonna be a

huge problem i've never done this before

took pretty much all of day 30 and

several awful youtube tutorials but i

got the portal lit which is

lit i wasn't really prepared to go into

the nether on day 31 so i had to do some

chores get a new sword you know that

sort of thing that gave me an

opportunity to make some more money i'm

gonna need tons of it if i ever want a

diamond sword i guess i could use some

of the diamonds that i found while

adventuring but you never know when

you're gonna find more of those they're

very rare oh well doing your chores is

good for the soul now it's time to go to

the nether it's not flat i never thought

it would be but it might have been cool

you know my dad works at minecraft he

may be able to pull some strings and

make a super flat nether it was also a

real kick in the ovaries spawning in

soul sand so i brought this horse i

don't care about into the nether this

should help yeah he really didn't get me

too far had to abandon him in a crimson


of course i was down here looking for

all the good stuff like nether

fortresses the blackstone fortresses but

only found some gold part of it is i was

just going really slow not trying to get

clapped in the nether quartz and gold

was enough for me it's not like i can

get it anywhere else hey look gravel

on super flat even that's precious i

grabbed as much as i could and i found a

fortress a couple hundred blocks away

not too bad you really gotta be careful

in these things and this gas

reminded me of that almost immediately

hey hey some netherrack that'll be nice

for making potions if i ever find a way

to make glass

bottles i looted up the fortress and

found myself a flint and steel that

would have been nice a few days ago i

also farmed up some blazes it looks like

i'm in trouble but i'm actually totally

fine i made it back home with some great


and alive this nether adventure has been

a great success so now i'm gonna put

some of this nether stuff to good use i

have a whole new dimension that i can

profit off of after connecting to the

nether one of the first new villagers i

installed was a cleric one of the only

easy ways to get redstone in a super

flat world and i should be able to

purchase ender pearls from him later so

i blew pretty much my entire life


all of my gold on this cleric to get

myself some ender pearls

then using some blaze powder i turned

them into eye of enders to hopefully

find the end

unfortunately nothing happened yeah

absolutely nothing i spent all that

money all that gold

just nothing nothing happened in the

nether either don't even know why i

tried i didn't think anything would

happen when i used these eye vendors and

maybe there is a way to find the end but

this is definitely not it at least on a

super flat world oh well there's lots of

other things to do and because it's

super flat they're going to be really

hard and take tons of time

i'm mostly back out adventuring for iron

i don't really want to build an iron

farm but it'd probably be pretty

efficient in super flat i also just love

filling out this map it's so

green today was the first day where i

didn't really find anything new while

exploring i have most of the villager

trading stuff of course there's still a

ton of value out here i'm grabbing all

the lava can

checking the different chests there's

good stuff the plan was pretty much to

stay out until my sword broke on these

golems and then i'd go home i gotta say

though part of me is pretty sad that i

couldn't find an end fortress if i had

an elytra this would be a lot easier you

know i'll live though i played minecraft

for years without an elytra you don't

need one oh and i definitely know it's

not pronounced elytra but at this point

i just say it to make people mad

now i'm on my way back my sword's about

to break murdering the innocent is hard

work oh yeah slime hot sweet slime hut

it's great to be home took most of the

day stashing away all my items i don't

have storage because i'm a terrible

person i know i recently got done saying

that i like the way the map looks but

when you put it on the wall

oh that's ugly day 42 was a good one i

was able to buy my first

diamond pickaxe with emeralds now i can

finally get rid of that corner obsidian

piece that's been bothering me since i

put it down i also went to the nether

and stole my generated portals obsidian

as well it's a good life hack i've been

really cautious on what to use my actual

diamonds for but making an enchanting

table was obviously a no-brainer and

thanks to tons of librarians that i

stole books from this thing's fully

functional thing is you need lapis

lazuli to enchant and the only way i can

get that is through the clerics so

that's a little annoying that didn't

stop me from enchanting my new pickaxe

efficiency 4

not bad farming is getting a little old

i mean not for you i can cut it up

because i'm an expert editor but for me

it's getting old you know this may be

one of the last harvests i'm gonna do

the unspeakable

i'm gonna build an iron farm it's gotta

be up in the air though and i was afraid

of falling and dying so i made myself

some feather falling boots for safety

but of course as you know

obviously i'm playing on super flat

which is gonna make building an iron

farm a little more difficult one of the

things i'm definitely gonna need is a

name tag and instead of trying to get

one luckily from some random village i'm

just gonna make a librarian this took

all day because i wanted a mending

librarian but i got one nice now i have

to get him to master level which just

means i need more money when does it end

oh it'll never end because life is

eternal suffering

i made a speed farm which kind of helped

i just don't have a really good way of

getting bones

i'll figure it out it's not even half

over hopefully like my real life not

sure why but my fov was all weird day 46

gotta put it back to 69 where it belongs

so this is the start of my iron farm i'm

not very good at building them because i

don't like building them because i find

them cruel which is weird because i'm

generally pretty cruel in the game

anyway but whatever again i still need a

ton of items to make this thing happen

but at least i've got some sort of

structure done well

it's very ugly and i already hate it but

i'm not gonna give up so soon

first things first gotta dig a tunnel to

that other village it was a lot quicker

this time because i had a diamond shovel

i'm gonna set up a villager breeder over

here for the iron farm and they're you

know just useful to have even if you're

not building an iron farm hey look at

that it's already working pretty good

these villagers are far too trusting

yeah it's not much but it's simple and

it works which is really all you can ask

for a super flat world i gave them some

bread and they started reproducing

faster than your mom securing unlimited

villagers for myself was definitely a

good play i think this will turn out to

be very profitable so to build that iron

farm i need a name tag which means i

need to farm

ah you gotta know the whole time i was

chopping and farming i was brainstorming

more ideas to make more money i'm not

dead set on anything today i played with

the idea of an auto netherrack farm but

i don't think that can even exist well

you know what it's called netherwort not

netherrack the slimes must be getting to

me uh why do bats spawn

and why did so many of them spawn you

know this is the first time i've seen my

iron farm at least what should be an

iron farm from this far out and it

totally ruins the super flat aesthetic

you know what though i just got a sweet

idea and it involves sheep as you can

see i've never made an auto sheep farm

before but it will require a lot less

resources than building an iron farm and

shouldn't be as ugly gathering all the

supplies for an auto sheep farm took

less than a day probably would have been

faster if my chests weren't so cluttered

not sure why i killed zombies tonight i

normally just go to bed and let the sun

burn them must have been dealing with

some personal stuff

it's official i'm getting rid of the

iron farm or i guess i should say i'm

getting rid of this ugly dirt thing i

built in the sky

like i said previously i've never made

an auto sheep farm before so most of day

52 was just me tinkering you know i made

some progress day 53 i have a sheep

and he should be farmed i think not this

point only the collection system works

but you can see by how i moved my mouse

i was at least proud of myself with that


i think it's working now and you know it

was way easier to build than any iron

farm i think finally my farming days are

numbered i know i've said that like 10

times now but i really think this is the

one alright now i just gotta work on

expanding it sheep you know what to do

by the end of the day i had two

sheep in these pens that are gonna be

farmed forever this is free wool

automatically forever you may cringe at

me using slimes for this but it's pretty

much the only block i have unlimited out

i mean i guess there's dirt but i don't

want to make it out of dirt the hardest

part about all of this is getting the

sheep where you need them the actual

farm is not that difficult to build

though looking back this is a pretty

wasteful collection system i don't need

all these hoppers and mine carts i do

need more iron though one nice thing

about the villager breeder i built is

that it's kind of like an iron farm a

low-key one

got tons of iron today day 56 i expanded

the collection system the old one was a

horrible waste of iron i'm really

starting to hit my flow putting these

sheep in the more i do the faster i get

though i'll say having to expand the

collection system every time i want to

put a new sheep in is definitely not

efficient but because this is super flat

before i do that thing i have to do

another thing so i can get a separate

thing to create the first thing wow what

a super effective cobblestone generator

that didn't break immediately

i built another generator that was much

more effective but then a creeper

decided to explode in a gang of zombies

got in the camp you know at least this

happened at night so it's not a bunch of

slimes wow today was awful the sun is

coming up and i am just now going to bed

an apple a day keeps the slimes away no

it doesn't

nothing keeps the slimes away all right

get on down here sheep number seven

or eight i don't know i'm getting to a

point where i can't even count how many

i have sure

it's all automatic but you need a lot of

wool to make profits i mean 18

white wool for an emerald that's pretty

steep as you can see though i've got

some massive plans for this sheep farm

it's going to be profitable one way or

another more of the same day 58 just

putting sheeps in their holes this one

got stuck in some slime though and

didn't make it i hope the others didn't

see that the rest of the day i pretty

much just farmed up cobblestone and got

wool the entire time thanks to my sheepy


first thing i did day 59 was go harvest

more iron and honestly i might still

build an iron farm because this is just

a sad way to get it i decided to put the

infrastructure for these sheep in

all today there's room for 20. i built

the rail system for 20 sheep as well so

getting them in should be a breeze from

here on out you can tell by all my sheep

plots that this is going to be quite the

farm when it's all done

unlimited profit potential and you know

i still don't regret building it all out

of slime i know you're supposed to use

glass but i have no idea how to get

glass so this works sad news though


my horse died pretty sure he suffocated

in this big tree the slimes care not for

my grief you know what though today i

think i'm actually gonna finish it

setting up all the guts first was a good


uh somehow i ran out of slime though so

i took some from my house i installed

some white trim it makes it look modern

i was a renault joke for those dumb

enough to buy a fixer-upper like me

still need more slime though so i spent

the night clubbing some of the babies

and now it's done i have 20 sheep being

automatically farmed for wool forever

well technically

at this time i still had to put one more

in but i don't have a better shot of it

so this is what you get now that the

sheep farm's done i'm gonna let it

produce for a few days so i decided to

grab a horse in the slime fields which

was just terrifying i had a pretty close

call here with an iron golem one and a

half hearts and i would have been dead

that's why i don't like doing that

without armor probably should have just

stayed by the sheep where it was safe oh

no i wasn't safe at all i tried to make

a makeshift iron farm inside of my

villagers and two baby zombies had

another idea

it was fine i had my plate body on but

these things are still annoying all i

ended up doing was making a big mess

then i tried to clean up the mess the

next day and the slimes were out so

that's awesome i'm gonna try to set up a

system for infecting and then curing

zombie villagers down here might be a

little difficult but i'm a big boy i'll

figure it out it's nothing crazy just

some fence in a hole but that's pretty

much all you need and after a night of

trapping zombies as you can see it works

but remember i'm cursed to this flat

existence and doing anything at all

requires planning googling in time also

the killing of several slimes to make a

potion of weakness to cure a zombie

villager i need to kill a witch at night

to get a lucky sugar drop but a creeper

decided to throw a wrench in my plans

right at sunset so it looks like tonight

i'm patching holes and killing slimes

instead of doing what i wanted farming

more iron day 65 and got bopped pretty

good again that's why i always wear

armor when i do this

i needed the iron to level up my

weaponsmith i'm getting close to that

diamond sword i can see a diamond x and

here we go day 66 i got my weaponsmith

to master and he'll sell me

diamond swords that's nice and after a

quick enchanting session i got a pretty

powerful sword sharpness 3 and knockback

2 ain't too bad i know my shovel's still

iron but now i can purchase every single

diamond tool from my villagers i guess i

don't have hoes but whatever sure i

don't got hoes but i got my witches

i've got to kill a bunch of them tonight

to try to get a lucky sugar drop with my

new diamond sword it was pretty easy i

just ran up to them on horseback and

sliced them before they could throw a

potion after a whole night i only got

one sugar but you know that's enough day

67 i had to go to the nether i need

mushrooms and gold to complete the

potion of weakness gold's pretty much

everywhere in the nether now so that was

pretty easy to get and the brown

mushrooms were a little more scarce but

i still found those too and after a

quick brewing session i have everything

i needed to make myself some zombie

villagers my system's insanely low tech

it's made of mostly dirt but my shepherd

already buys wool for 11 a piece took

about a day and three cures but now i

have a shepherd that buys one wall for

one emerald and with how much wool i can

make per day this is gonna be huge

thing is though now i have way more wool

than i could even sell so i want to get

a second cured shepherd so it was back

to the nether i'm really not sure what i

would have done without this nether goal

otherwise in super flat i don't think

would be possible to find it wandering

through the nether i found myself a

black stone fortress and i know for a

fact there's tons of gold in there

being very careful i went straight for

these gold blocks without touching

everything once you're up here all of

the piglets can't really get to you and

then of course once you start touching

the gold all of the piglin brutes and

most of the piglens make themselves


and you can just shoot them with your

bow and once all the piglens are dead

there's pretty much nothing to be afraid

of so i loot it up to my heart's content

yeah and the big chest i even found an

ancient debris that's pretty awesome

filled to the absolute brim with gold

and loot i went home it was a great day

so then of course i got to curing my

second shepherd it's going to be a

pretty long night for him yeah not much

else going on could have farmed but

really didn't want to i still have to

wait for that last shepherd to gear up

so today i decided to build a disposal

system i have so much trash

it took all day because i didn't google

but you're never gonna learn anything if

you just google i got the system working

but don't have enough lava to actually

make it dispose of things

it was no problem though i just took

some lava from my cobblestone generator

and thanks to my years in gamer college

i was able to make an auto disposal

system slash cobblestone generator that

works flawlessly

second shepard's done too of course he

buys white wool for one emerald a piece

but if i could get my hands on some gray

wool i could make even more money day 72

i spent some time cleaning up my items i

still don't have a storage system but at

least i can get rid of trash oh and i

got some absolutely insane luck a

wandering trainer showed up i've been

waiting for this i don't know how but

i needed black dye and a day later this

guy shows up and sells me black dye

this is just insanely lucky in super

flat there's a ton of items that can

only be got from the wandering trader

and it's so lucky that i got black dye

here so all i had to do was dye a few

sheep gray and now i'll automatically

make some profits off that wall as well

and then to top it all off some raiders

showed up what is happening well i guess

i'm doing a raid now

it's only level one i'll be careful i

should be fine the hardest part was just

getting them to come to me they'd spawn

out in the flats and i'd have to shoot

them with my arrows from far away

eventually i just did everything on

horseback which seemed to work a lot

better there's a lot of room to run

around here i was worried about some of

the bigger mobs like ravagers but again

on a horse in the open they can't really

touch me of course i was most worried

about the evokers they're very fast and

spawn the vex but in the open that

wasn't much trouble and i just got my

first totem of undying

nice i know i have walls diamond armor

diamond tools and stuff but i never

really feel comfortable in a hardcore

world unless i have that totem i wasted

a lot of arrows on the rest of the raid

but it was pretty straightforward it was

level one

it still took pretty much a whole day

but i beat the raid became a hero and

got some

totems and sugar in the process that was

very stressful but at least now i know i

can do raids about once a centennial the

hero status didn't help too much i got

some discounted golden carrots but my

main money making method is already

maxed out i put some blue orchids in

front of my house they're my favorite

flower and then realize that my house is

kind of ugly and

probably should be demolished i've made

a nice industrial district here it's

kept me alive kept me fed kept my

pockets full but it's not home so the

first thing i did on day 76 is i put

down some blocks where i'll build my new


of course my slime supervisors helped a

ton you know i'm gonna try to keep it

pretty flat

super flat even i carved out a massive

section of dirt underneath my new home

and this is where i'll put a lot of the

stuff that i need like storage i've just

really come to like the bedrock flooring

it's solid and sturdy unlike your

grandma things were off center so i had

to spend most of day 77 fixing it i'm

gonna blame the slimes oh and i will be

building with emeralds here if you don't

like it it's probably because you're in

the firm clutches of poverty thought it

might be snazzy to add a piston door but

there's no way i can install one without

it looking like absolute garbage

so i threw that concept out quick also

because i can't source glass i still

have slime windows i've definitely got

to fix that today was monumental though

i tore down my old slime shack it's been

used in abuse for the last 70 days or so

and just needed to be put down but hey

for the first time in 78 days i have an

actual roof over my head there's still

slimes everywhere but part of this build

is getting rid of them so their days are

numbered i guess my days are number two

and today's number is 79 where i'm still

working on my house you know the

flatness of this world can be quite

beautiful but i need a wall i feel naked

without one and this wall i want to make

nice no more oak fences for me i'm going

to make some nice cooked stone

day 80 i grabbed some lava from the

nether it's pretty much unlimited fuel

since i got access to it then i got my

stone cooking did some chores it was a

very productive day 80.

any day that has wall building is a good

day in my book and today i put up huge

amounts of wall stone brick may be just

as effective as oak fence at keeping out

slimes but you can't deny it doesn't

look nicer i'm going to make this one a

double layer wall you can never have too


unfortunately slimes are still actively

spawning inside of my wall but i'll fix

it eventually well this is a little

awkward i wasn't recording for a day but

i started putting some carpet down the

carpet will prevent any monster from

spawning inside of my wall even the

slime it's gonna take a long time to

fill it all up but it'll be worth it in

the end so now i'm just working on

making everything in the house look

nicer it's not that big so i can put in

some fancy touches

i think this black and white floor with

the gilded pieces looks pretty nice

today i finally finished the emerald

walls it was only a matter of time with

how much money i can make and in an

attempt to get actual glass i tried to

get silk touch on a pickaxe and maybe

i'd steal it from some villagers but it

didn't work today i decided to scrap

that idea and went over to my villager

breeder day 84 to try to get a librarian

to sell me some glass gotta say it's

kind of funny how many dirt pillars are

around this villager breeder everyone is

from an iron golem who died spent a ton

of money on the first guy and he didn't

sell me glass that was just awful

however on day 85 after some quick sheep

profits i got a librarian to sell me


not gonna lie going back home this glass

felt like diamonds i didn't even bother

making glass panes i just put the blocks


oh it's so transparent there's still a

lot of work to do around here but

getting that glass was a massive goal of

mine now i'm working on the basement the

dirt walls are nice and all but i think

black stone might be better i want to

create the illusion that you're not

inside a dirt hole it's gonna take some

time and a lot more black stone but i

think in the end it'll look

fairly nice it doesn't matter how many

torches i put on my land i need the

carpet to stop the slimes but i can see

the end it's close

it's a lot of area though i'm just glad

i have 20 sheeps working round the clock

putting in this design kind of helped at

least it stopped the big slimes from

spawning so there's that yeah couple

more days it should be done and honestly

i can't wait well i never put lights up

around the wall so now creepers are

spawning inside this shouldn't be a

problem in a few days but this is

definitely a problem now i also decided

to change up the entryway give it a

little bit more design i just wish i

didn't have an oak door

i guess i could make an iron door today

but i don't know i just don't like

killing them it just feels bad today is

the day

that i finish the carpet no more slimes

ever do you hear that no like i'm really

asking do you hear that

well you shouldn't because you can't

because there's no slimes for the first

time ever like i know it's just

minecraft but i've been listening to

those slimes for 88 days now

and it's just so nice to hear nothing

but silence

all right and now with my increased

mental state it's time to keep working

on my house i always take far too long

to build storage and this playthrough

was no different but at least i got it

done it's not like i had that many items

anyway it was a good opportunity to go

back to the industrial district and

clean stuff up

grab items that i need that sort of

thing sure i'll miss my old slime hut

but you gotta love my house now fits

that super flat aesthetic perfectly day

89 i cleaned up some of the dirt pillars

outside the villager breeder they were

making me feel bad

i also moved my nether portal over by

the villager breeder i couldn't find a

good spot to put it in my house then i

went back to that blackstone fortress i

know about and mined tons of the

blackstone for my basement

also killed some baby hoglands because i

hate them back to reality day 90 putting

some black stone in my storage it's

starting to look okay

i was going to do the ceiling too but

then taurus said she liked it so it's


other than that was kind of figuring out

where i wanted to put my new enchanting

room yeah it's going to be under my

house day 91 the enchanting room was

finally underneath my house and i

immediately made a nice new diamond

sword with smite and mending called

smoter that wasn't all i did i also made

some mending armor and some of my tools

got mending as well i know i can

technically buy as many diamonds as i

want but now i can work on getting some

perfect armor and it won't break on me

however smoter my new sword does have

smite and

also looting three which makes it


for weather skeletons yep that's right

i'm gonna try to fight the wither by day

100 and with this new sword it should be

possible and you know fighting the

wither is pretty essential to most

minecraft playthroughs if you want

beacons and i definitely want

beacons you can help yourself get more

skulls by having a looting three sword

but also increasing the surface area of

the nether fortress is a good way to go

too i was feeling pretty confident after

two days i got two skulls which means

one more and i'm fighting william i've

had pretty good luck in this series

though finding diamonds in a village

getting a wandering traitor to sell me

black die and surviving the few close

calls that i had but it makes sense i

would have some bad luck and on day 94 i

didn't get the last skull statistically

speaking by day 95 i was overdue for

that last skull yeah and running around

another fortress isn't exactly the most

fun or

safe thing to do i really don't like

being down here well killing some

hogland children made me feel a little


piglin hoglin who cares understand that

there was no point whatsoever where i

was ever going to give up it's just not

in my notable nature

still i was very happy to get the last

skull early on day 96 so now i'm just

going to take the next few days to

prepare myself to fight the weather it's

going to be a little interesting on a

super flat world day 97 i tried my best

to make some protection mending armor

it's really good against the wither it

took pretty much all my money in

emeralds but now everything but

my chest plate has protection for and

mending and the chest plate has

protection three so i'm pretty much

perfect i should have made a better bow

i worked on my axe instead and broke my

anvil and there's no way i'm getting

enough iron to make a new one i really

hope that doesn't come back to bite me

hopefully a power to bow is enough

i think i was pretty much ready by day

98 but my anxiety led me to triple and

double check if i want to continue this

series i can't die

by the way if you'd like me to continue

this series you could always hit the

like button

you could write a comment maybe

subscribe show a little support all

right day 99 i hit the road you got to

know i'd never fight the wither near my

house i have a plan

and it involves golems i'm going to

spawn the wither in this church and

surrounded by golems i'm not sure if

it'll work but

it's worth a shot when i went to summon

the wither on day 100 unfortunately the

footage corrupted not all of it though

i've got the fight here the golems died

almost immediately

moving fast was a definite advantage and

i thought my horse would help though

tragically it didn't take long for my

horse to get absolutely clapped

after my horse died i just went in with

a blind rage and surprisingly the

weather didn't do too much damage to me

between golden carrots and protection

armor my health stayed up pretty well

sadly the footage got deep fried but at

least i killed the wither and got the

nether star

it's such a shame the footage held

together so well in this video don't

know why it crapped out of me in the

most important part anyway i bunny

hopped back home

and installed my first beacon on gold

because i don't have enough emeralds

these 100 days of super flat have been

quite the journey i didn't know what to

expect when i started but i knew it

would be a wild ride

and it was if you want to see 200 days

of super flat or even 1000 let me know

by hitting the like button i'd really

appreciate that also make sure to

subscribe so you don't miss the next one

thank you all for watching

stay notable

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