hey guys welcome back to my youtube


okay you guys so for this week's video

we are going to see who makes the best

couple so basically

all of our friends are going to vote for

two people that they think would be

really cute together

and the top three couples that are

nominated will go on dates and compete

to win the title of the best couple

if you guys are excited be sure to give

this video a big thumbs up right now and

let's get this video started all right

you guys it is time to vote

i'll go first

all right you guys the boats are in


first vote

ben and lexi you guys no next vote

are people serious dom and sophie sophie

and dawn so two votes me and ben

two votes sophie and dom um jeremy and

andrew one vote for jeremy and andrew

one vote for me and andrew pearson and

brent and then

duh at the end pearson and brent

all right you guys so that's two votes

for pierson and brad two votes for

sophie and dawn

and two votes for me and ben oh my god

so basically how this is gonna work is

we have three dates planned for each

couple and at the end of each date there

will be a chance to win some points that

will ultimately decide who is

the best couple so uh let's go on these

dates okay

so brandon pearson surprise surprise

people nominated

you two to be together okay so um

i set up this little date here and

basically you guys are going to try to

bake a cake without a recipe here are

your aprons

okay and i will be the judge of your

guys's date so i'm gonna give you guys

points and things like that

and uh we're gonna see if you guys are

the best couples


oh wow that was really impressive all

right i think the next step is to take a

big mouthful of sugar

oh that's some extra points right there

okay well you know what not all of that

is that good

no are you good more

sugar piercings

come on come on nice see i'm too weak to

actually mix it so i'm glad i have the

wrong man to mix this for me

that's two points right there yeah that

is alrighty nice

all right okay so while that is in the


i have a few things for you to get some

extra points here okay because i think

you might need it okay so basically

if you guys can make each other laugh

you get five points go ahead

bagel girl

all right you guys that's five points

okay we'll give it to you

i feel like i could just look at you oh

all right moving on pierson if you can

give brent a kiss on the cheek

you will get two points

okay last thing okay this is for a

whopping 10 points wow if you guys

kiss on the list you will hit i don't

know if that's weird

i don't know if that tends to we did

that last week

okay it's a no it's a no all right

that's your guy's block i'm gonna go

check on the cake

okay i'm gonna be doing that oh

did that come from yes

playfulness oh okay here we go and

look oh okay oh it's done oh

it's done


oh my gosh here's a little taste test

try it

uh oh she doesn't like it looks like

just pretend it looks like cornbread you

know what the cake

overall i'm gonna give it a seven out of

ten okay it wasn't horrible

you know what we were blind you guys

have 20 points

but you guys that's 24 points

all right let's move on to the next date

are you guys friends here

hello hello so um do you know

why you're here okay was i voted for

something yes so

no yes you were nominated um and do you

want to guess who you were nominated


uh i'll give you a hint okay he's

standing right next to you

we are going to be having a couple's

photo shoot

i'm gonna cry all right you guys so it

would not be a photo shoot without

teddy okay you guys so we have five

photos that bryce chose for us to

recreate they are very coupley photos

and for each one that we choose

not to recreate we lose five points from

our total score so let's take these


oh god all right so the first picture

you guys need to recreate

is oh my god bro

all right do that i have to look at you

right yeah you have to smile

i'm gonna throw up no all right let's go

let's do it ready three two one

there it is ding ding you got it okay

teddy did we complete this

this picture yes you did it's very cute

you guys did it perfectly

next picture bro all right

you're freaking out of my neck what do

you want me to do

oh my god did you get it

scary okay let's do it again

all right look at this

wait this is actually good i think i

think so we got it

got it all right so this is the photo


you will be recreating no

this is not okay yeah

oh come on that deserves half points

yeah come on teddy please

okay talk points i'll give you guys half

points for that yeah

okay so here's the picture guys no


no no no no at the end of each day each

couple has a chance to gain some points

so um

the first thing worth five points is if

we can make each other last

all right okay easy now the reason we

broke up

my toes all right kiss on the cheek two

points okay

um i don't think okay on second thought


i feel like ben and i really need the

points i feel like we're really kind of


the other couples probably um so we're

going to do the kiss

on the lips

no so that makes our total of 15 points

out of 32.

that's miserable if this was a test in

school we would fail

oh you guys it's okay we tried okay you

guys so sophie and dom are inside right

now and they're ready for their date but

i kind of have a feeling that sophie and

dom might win this competition so with

that said i thought it'd be fun to


them so basically i'm gonna make them

think that they're going on a horseback

riding date when in reality they will be

picking up horse poop

cleaning the stables doing all that

gross stuff and we're gonna see if

they're still compatible at the end of


so are you guys ready for your date i

guess so let's do it

oh my god horses where are we right now

oh my gosh you guys see the horses are

we going on horses today

well you guessed it okay you guys are

gonna go horseback riding

what i've literally always wanted to go

horseback riding i've never even touched

a horse

so are you guys ready to ride some

horses i'm so excited yeah really

excited all right let's do it

you guys having fun so far

hey just go ahead and get in there and

just mix it up there we go


all right guys are you ready to pick up

some poop here you go

okay okay you know what i'll take one

for the team i'll do it

you can just stay here

you guys this is disgusting by the end

of this date dom's gonna be a

professional pooper

scooper oh my god

what a date right sophie what a date

all right you guys so um i have some

news for you okay

this was a prank what so basically i

told them to make this date

really affordable for you guys and i

told them to make you you know pick up


clean the stables do all that gross

stuff what

that is not fair at all but you guys

still did a really good job even with

the circumstances so

um i'm going to let you guys ride some

horses now really so we actually do get

the right horse yes

okay hey we got this off

all right we love a supportive boyfriend


wow sophie's looking pretty good on that

horse right okay

i just want my extra points


all right so they're back from their

walk if you guys hold hands

you get five points

all right you guys so they are done with

their little

horseback riding date did you guys have

fun um i didn't really like the first


towards the end

yeah that was actually nice but you know

picking up the poop wasn't really my

ideal date right okay if you guys can

make each other laugh

you will get five points okay okay she i

just she already left

oh wait she just looked at my face and

started laughing what does that mean all

right if one of you gives the other

person a kiss on the cheek you get two


oh two boys you guys

okay last one for a whopping ten points

and it stops here trust promise

you guys we have to kiss each other on

the lips

your guys's score is a 23 out of 32. all

right now that i have all the couples

here i think it is time to announce the


and the people with the most points were

sophie and tom

i mean i didn't want to win and with

that being said they are the couple that

is most ready for an engagement

oh my god

all right you guys this is going to be

it for this week's video i really hope

that you guys enjoyed it

congratulations to dom and sophie you

guys are

the best couple okay if you guys enjoyed

this video be sure to give it a big

thumbs up and also subscribe to my

channel if you haven't already i will

link everybody's channels down below so

you can subscribe to them as well

and yeah thank you guys so much for

watching and i will see you guys next




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