all right you guys can open your eyes

so fun fact i'm actually super allergic

to peanut butter and my cheeks get

really really swollen when i eat it and

people are always asking me what your

cheeks actually look like when you eat

peanut butter

so today i'm gonna show you guys what my

cheeks look like after i eat

peanut butter

um oh there it is

oh that's not good okay all right no

oh ow so here are the names on the

refrigerator for this week and if you

want your name on our fridge for an


week all you have to do is like this

video subscribe if you haven't already

and then comment down done when you're


so we saw this on tik tok and we wanted

to see if it worked or not basically you

take a spoonful of cocoa powder

like this and then you dip it in milk

and you take a toothpick

dude it's like water resistant look it's

literally waterproof watch this try it

again we're gonna try it again right


it's what no other way

no that is cool all right guys through

there for this week is

prank allen while he's sleeping


i dare you guys to like this video oh

it's gonna use this mic for karaoke


so sophie keeps telling me that girls

have a different center of gravity i

don't i don't know what that means they

do they do

okay try this okay

and then uh go like this you're gonna

put your elbows down like this

okay take your right arm and put it back

okay and then take your left arm put it


okay sit up wait

i actually can't do it


thing ever she can only do it cause

she's flexible whatever

hey guys i was just watching a youtube

video where you only spoke chinese and i

actually picked up some mandarin oh

really let's hear it let's hear it no no

no like i actually picked up some


hey come on guys at least give me my

magic back


i know you already had a surprise

birthday party for mark we wanted to one

up you friend we got you a little

something right

all right you got your birthday card

there's the one up right there already

what's on the inside

ten thousand dollars

you don't have to say anything hey just

say that we won up brent you guys

definitely went up for us

all right so right now allen's getting

his hair dyed pink dude i'm so nervous

is it gonna damage my hair our little

bit is okay

oh my god what what do i need to like

prepare for you should go to the

restaurant first


basically the only way her friend's been

able to tell us apart is because i have

pink hair now and once alan dieses her

pink our friends are no longer going to

be able to tell us apart oh

my gosh it looks exactly like my hair


what it looks just like my hair dude i

feel like it would look a lot more alike

if we put on the hoodies let me see real


all right look at this we look identical

with our hoodies on dude we're finally


so right now we're going to be pranking

our friends and getting their reactions


my new hair we're going to be swapping

places seeing if they even notice that

we swap places or if they can even tell

us apart all right let's get the


okay wait so where's your dad at oh he's

not finding more belts right now he's

still over

still bro you know how many times i've

gone beastly in the past week and take

out the trash

i i don't know i don't have my heart so

um okay you know what

i may have to go i may have to go get

the restroom real quick i'll be right


what do you mean he's in the bathroom

what's going on hello can you prove


i do not want to be here when your dad

gets back i don't oh i know bro wait so

like did your dad hate us now or

something or

i don't know well you told me you told

me something to say to him that was bad

what would he do if you found out that

me and alex swapped places wait what do

you mean

oh wait oh


what no it's the hair bro that was good


i did not know you've never looked more

like alex in your life so i got that

and we're leaving for his dad comes back

yeah right hey i might need to leave

with you guys

i'm scared i'm so scared


all right you guys can open your eyes


what that's alex wait i thought that was


i literally thought that that was alex

yeah they were there and i was like wait

i know

you look more like twins now or with the

brown hair you guys

look more like twins now yeah now for

sure you look more like alex right

oh my god what's back here

nothing nothing's back here you can

check the background no no you're

so i was gonna ask you how is your how's

your chinese coming along no

not good to be honest you haven't really

taught me anything

okay um i had this joke i was gonna

wait give me one second i was gonna look

i had this funny joke

shawn do you have my other phone or is

it happy birthday mark

happy birthday to you all right so

what do you call a guy with a rubber toe

a tow truck roberto

um what is this why am i in here

do you remember that joke i told you

about uh my spine

um no i told you it like a week back

dude what is going on wait have we ever

done a thing where me and alex like swap

places oh we did that on facetime right

oh yeah

what if we did one in real life

no way do i look like no way

do you know who i am

did he get you oh my god you were

walking me up yeah i walked you up

oh so you just came in here yes

wait i'm sorry you actually can't tell

us apart

no because i was like oh my god you're

totally acting like alex cause when you

walked me up like i knew it was you but

when you came back in i guess i wasn't

really like paying that much attention

i am shocked do not look anywhere all


what's going on all right you can open

your eyes


wait oh my gosh you dyed your hair too

we're finally twins now oh my god

oh my god i looked in the camera and i

was like alex just like go

back there if it's an animal

i swear to you i swear i will

put up at least 20 cockroaches on you

while you're sleeping

you will wake up with cockroaches in

your mouth that's

what i will do to you if it's an animal

it's not an animal promise

but i'm going to need you to close your


oh my god so i know you find this um

person very attractive best looking twin


you said i won the more attractive most

attractive twin awards so

well not anymore everyone's saying i'm

looking more like alex

did i get fatter should we diet

background or should we keep it like


i think you should keep it like this

brilliant likes and they will both

shave their head i think it's a million

likes i will let you shave my head for a

month a million likes in a month

okay a million likes in a month okay all

right let's do it million likes all


every video of mine for the next four

weeks we'll be shouting out

so we realized that most of our friends

are very gullible but not as gullible as



no guys not we got some news for you

guys this is also a wig no it's not no

we're not guys this is not a wig hey no

guys uh 400 000 likes and he'll actually


your page 100 000 likes and goes on his

hair back brown

actually okay you know what you guys

actually like the pink hair because like

comment brown or pink because we're

brown or pink or stink

comment brown or pink because i'm

actually very curious with that being

said thank you guys so much for watching

and we'll see you guys

next time

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