Cam Newton: I Can't Go Out Like That | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

i'm on that aight oh bro

i got a vegan uh-huh i got a vegan a


and this boy eat mcdonald's ocho versus

science this is a thing

we go i'm gonna get you together too

you've been eating healthy your whole

your whole career

no no you had any injuries early in your

career no lingerie i didn't have surgery

my my early in my career right i mean

were there injuries

early in your career were they hampering

where you weren't able to function and

produce i know where you're going bro i

know where you're going to talk to me

just talk to me now

here don't even pay the cameras don't

mind me and you just barbershop talk

say i know okay but i'm saying i know

where you're going okay well i think i

need you

this upcoming season to change your diet

go back to eating honey buns

twinkies mcdonald's i'm gonna tell you

why i can't do that why

because if i did that then i would be


no you wouldn't yes i would listen if

you need me to come live with you i'll

come stay with you and make sure you

don't gain no weight

because i work out like a madman you

know what his value is i know

mcdonald's is eighty percent of it

eighty-five percent that's a better


yeah ain't nothing changed that's why

that's why i look like this

right now i'm 2 30 right now you can't

even tell your genetics and my genetics

are two you don't understand

that that's what i was trying to do that

genetic [ __ ]

that's what we're doing that's you you

don't understand that why you

you black as hell that's what i am too


it can happen i understand that but

you're not understanding

me when i tell you

if i eat honey buns and certain foods


like i'm

wheels straight up but in the past bad

work up in the trash bag

i'll pass a lot to take the test before

i pass class yup

and my family needed bread i had to come

correct that's why i keep airing it out

like i just passed dad

what i'm trying to tell you oh like bro

listen we're going we're going

i'm going to get with you cause i'm

going to get you a meal i'm going to be

a meal prep

well if that's going to be the case let

me see what the first day meals prep

gonna be what i'm eating for breakfast

first date meal prep we're going to

mcdonald's hot cakes with sausage

sausage muffin and large orange juice


what's [ __ ] what are we going to work

out what's with my snack

pop-tarts six boiled eggs okay what

flavor pop tart

strawberry frosted icing okay from

publix or

what's what's for lunch lunch we're

gonna go to bahama breeze

pasta jerking a pasta extra chicken no


say less what am i strong what's my

other snack

so before we get dinner we got a snack

in between yeah and that's

that's for you you can throw your little

healthy [ __ ] in there you little rice


you know rice cakes i don't know what

vegans eat

vegan i say that right yeah vegan

whatever your vegetables eat

you can throw it in there and then


we go ham what's what's ham we eating

the ham

nah no dinner we're going soul food okay

on soulful now

now soul food for the viewers and the

people that like what's your soul food

my my soul food my dish which i'm going

to put you on

because it's going to create a callus in

the body will prevent no more injuries

in 2021 so bake the fried chicken

you can go dark meat white meat have you

for me i like three legs

candy yams macaroni and cheese and


sweet water cornbread and chocolate cake

yellow cake

chocolate icing

listen this is this is every day i need

i need i need you for six months

that's all i need i need six months you

ain't got to pay me what about what

about weighing in

wait you could weigh in you could play

anyway because you're a quarterback

no i'm not any quarterback though i know

no you superman

but listen to me listen so

what you think my body fat will be there

probably three percent

because i didn't even get into the other

part of me and you training together

okay how many times we gonna train today

probably two because i do my own two a

days now okay so what does that consist


well it depends so on what i mean i

gotta i gotta i gotta break it down

based on your body fat and where you at

right now i'm gonna

look at how much you weigh right now i'm

250. 250. i can get you about it i get

down to 210 but

he'll understand 210 in two months easy

i'm already

i'm already trying to lose 20 pounds all

right 20. how much you weigh right now

i'm 250. brett look he don't know

versus nutrition he don't believe in

this right and for me i took

for me with you know when you talk about

his dna and his

god-given ability and also his work

ethic i

i tell him like you should be still

playing in the league if you really

wanted to

but he he you saw what you saw on the

show how he jumped in my face put his

leg on the table talking about ultra

versus science that don't mean nothing

but let me ask you this so genetics

we got the same gene pool no we don't

yeah we do and let me tell you what dna

is the same

who should i think who fasted me or you

right now yeah probably you but

in your heyday me easily

but i can get your speed up by dropping

your weight easy but

listen so yo hey they give me an age

where you is that your heyday

probably 22 to 30.

so let's say you at 22 and me at 22 we

race who's going to win

me same diet who going to win genetics

i saw that's that's the case right there

you always been fast

right you've always been quick so for me

this is

for you to just say it's not about

genetics you've always had those

traits and yeah we're talking about

diet and things like that we can we can

we can make premium dies for

whoever we need and whoever we want but

at the end of the day

you still have to go back to genetics if

your mom is 5-2

and your dad is 5-4 you being 6-7 is not


if your mama fat your daddy fat you

gonna be

fat was your daddy fast yeah was your

brother quick


that's not that's not that's not what

we're going right joe versus science

all right all right all right let me let

me shift real quick

so since we talking about you know


and you talked about dieting this season

pre-cove it

i'm on first things first talk we we

have a

should we pay cam right now like should

they patriots be talking about an


you open up the season 15 you got it

done on the ground

15 rushes 75 yards with a win miami

follow that up seattle was that sunday

night for monday night for sunday night

sunday night football

oh it was a thriller came down to the

end goal like y'all ran damn sweet

that play was terrible josh big daniels

but anyway hold on i i can't let you do

that uh

mickey d's that's my dog i like mickey

these i had them but

hold on all right maybe all right maybe

so but but here's my thing here's my

thing right

i ain't like the play call cause y'all

did it three four times in a row like

the last two walking

okay right but of course you know teams

is going to be

this is this is the thing about football

and this is the thing about sports and

this is the thing about analysis and

and critics looking back at it

of course we always say if it would have

worked then you'd have been like bro

then you then you asking uh pete carroll


how couldn't you stop this play right

we've ran it numerous of times but at

the same time

when when if you playing the lakers

who you know about to get the ball right

lebron if you playing

golden state stuff chicago yeah

back when no you can you got together so

for me

i'm like if that ball was anybody with

anybody else

it was a sin that's just my theory

that's just my thinking i know but we

couldn't do

we couldn't go to the right we couldn't

do the draw we couldn't do

there was other play but but but that's

a whole nother discussion here's the

thing i want to jump right into it

pre-covet 50 started off the season bam

15 rushing 75 yards

oh is that the blueprint is that how

they're going to get it done is that how

they're going to use can

you followed up sunday night football

you throw for damn 400 yards 397 yards


and it really was fluky at the end it

could have went anyway you write about


and then you follow that up right great

game decent game

everybody talking about okay the bill

belichick's a genius

then covet hit what the hell happened

after covet

okay i used the analogy today so from

atlanta georgia originally

right i'm coming to miami i was driving

to miami two different cars

everybody's on the same wave i'm

following this car

right i make a phone call to the front

car and say hey i got to get some gas

but y'all go on

boom they still gone i get some gas

get some food stop by mcdonald's


there you go but they but they're gone

right and then by the time i get back on

the road i'm behind

so and i was the first one of the first


well uh football players to catch it and

i'm over here like man what

how did i get it where did it come from

you know what i mean and everybody's in

this panic mode as we should

still be but yet through it all

you know it it just happened so fast and

when i came back it was

something that

that's where the lack of off-season

that's that's the lack of having

time really being invested in a system

kind of showed itself i felt like the

first game although everybody was

praising you

you know 15 for 75 i didn't feel like

you had your legs under you

no the first game right but you did your

thing right

and then you followed up and sunday

night football it was like holy sh

cam back yeah right so like how do you

go from that

to to to then post covet to like now you

guys are

here and here's why i'm going here right

because like i got coveted in december

december 16th it hit me

and i was um 10 days in quarantine and

it took me a month

to feel like myself again right you was

back in what two weeks

so when i experienced that i'm reporting

on this

for the whole season december 16th is

when i got it

and all i could think about was like

damn like what was cam going through

what was what was miles garrett going

through you know so

you never talked about that right and

i'm not trying to lead you anywhere

i don't know if you had any symptoms but

what was your experience like

and and i do want to hear like how how

did things get off the rail afterwards

and then you kind of so

that's a loaded question so what would

you want the the

the symptoms part or correct because

there's some people test positive

you know there's no symptoms so just to

to get to paint the picture i got the

phone call

five in the morning and it was saturday

so i didn't need to be up that early

usually everybody knows the football

schedule on saturday it's just

walkthroughs right

and we got a late a later start time

and when the phone call came

i thought i was dreaming you know the

the athletic trainer called me

and was like you tested positive

hello yeah you you cam you there i said


tested positive i didn't even know what

to think uh

my cousin at the time who was with me

and serves as my assistant

was there with me too and it was only a

matter of time because

we we lived together right and

throughout that whole time throughout

the whole time i was out

i was just waiting like what am i

supposed to feel like day one go by day

two go by day three and after like day

five i'm like

okay like what's up like am i supposed

to be feeling sick is it supposed to be

feeling like flu

is it supposed to be scratchy throat

itchy like i meant body aches and yeah

you're asymptomatic then basically

basically that's how i didn't know what

it was i thought it was a false positive

you know because that was the word that

was going around then like a false

positive false positive so i'm like man

come on like i wha what am i how am i

supposed to feel how am i supposed to

react what am i supposed to be taking

i'm drinking fluids i'm drinking water

i'm drinking the pedialytes the


and you know it just never really hit me

the only thing that i'd probably say

really hit me was my smell

i really couldn't smell it and then it

didn't i didn't realize that until my

cousin brought it to my attention

i was like man i i really can't smell


it didn't dawn on me that i lost my


but that was pretty if i really had to

finger point something

that was it it was just like walking out

in like

walking outside in the morning where

that fresh air and like your nose is


and and you you really it takes you it's

like a time to

to really collect yourself and and do

that but by the time i came back

i didn't feel comfortable physically

skillfully and a lot of that discomfort

came pre-snapped

i've always valued my talents as

something that's

the improv like i'm gonna make a play i

know how to make a play i'm

going you know in this system it


you know by certain things and working

extra with

you know josh and i have chad yeah jad

was my receiver coach

spoke so highly of you bro and

throughout those times there was times

where it's just like hold on

said white eddie am i supposed to sit

why they did why they

and i'm like lost

hold on i'm thinking too much yeah right

and and that's where you talk about the

cars and the off-season right

so so if i'm going back to that analogy

the offense kept going and i only could

i was stopped and stagnant for a week

two weeks

then by the time i came back it was new

terminology and it was new

i was like hold on hold on hold on hold

on but go back to level one

right but i wasn't just trying to learn


system for what it was i was learning a

let's be honest a 20-year system

in two months well i had it i had it and

i pride myself on being a high football


guy and it took me hold of y'all all

three y'all can speak to this too


cause y'all played in new england and

but i had josh mcdaniels in denver

and you know most teams say 11 personnel

11 personnel

we got tight in we got three wives we

got one back right that's just 11


we go trips right we can go deuce right

we can go

double we can do all that we can go

trips we uh

bunch all of that the new england josh

mcdaniels army navy i don't know if they

still had that stuff

army navy this person and that person

then so so

that was the first time i understood how

so just to put it in just

just to put it in layman's million

things so let's say for instance this is

a personnel

right and we call trips right we call

this mcdonald's personnel

right so chad you at x

obviously i'm x he can go to z

again no bruh who you wanna who you

wanna ask who you wanna z

you at eight

you on the show now who the x who


who we said x was the first time why you

got to repeat itself

listen listen you heard him just say he

like the emperor right so who he wanted

to ask

come hella hot water who's the security

blanket then that's going to be open 24


you good i got you stay eligible b

stay eligible

hey i'm gonna tell y'all way back

yes you do no we don't so who who your

ex with your z because y'all

you know like for the viewers out there

okay let's change the questionnaire so

what's the purchase and that's what

that's what's

that's why i'm getting too so basically

you want you want you want otro as your


he just said that why does he have to

reiterate he didn't simplify that for

you or he threw the whole thing at you

no they threw everything bro it took me

six months to figure it out i don't know

about y'all experience

it took me six months like but let me

clear this up

let me clear this up i would not have

wanted it in any other way

because for me off season bro that's

that's true

but at the end of the day sometimes you

have to go through things

in that type of manner to make you

realize that you can't skip

processes i went in there thinking like

oh man i'm here man i'm here now like

but i needed time i'd be the first

person to tell you i needed time

you know what else i don't like no

disrespect to

the personnel in new england i wish you


some dogs with you offensively that's

his fault i wish you had

a security blanket so when i'm

let me let me finish you you know what

you know that i'm sensing some dogs

by brandon marshall x and antonio brown

z you you get you get one going cuz

every other

every aaron rodgers has a security

blanket in that 17.

yeah real talk so you can come to the

line and say you had to improvise and he

was like oh [ __ ]

where i'm at but you know you can snap

that [ __ ] you know it's one gig you

count on

right right you know what i mean i don't

like but that's why i don't like the


that they their offense i i love it

it's cool yeah but my my guy didn't have

this is what i said and i'm sorry i'm

putting you on the spot because i

there's a there's a chance that you go

back to new england and i want to hear


you you get what i'm saying right 100

okay but but here's no disrespect

to those but i must say this on this

topic before we move forward though

it's not to say that they weren't

or that they can't be they can't let's

just and since we're being honest it's


yes okay because i do think doughboy i

call him

nikhil harry um he was he was he's he's

he was

battered you know what i'm saying you


that there's a real thing when they say

the new england way the patriot way

and no what is that what do you mean i

don't know what that is y'all play y'all

know y'all tell

me it's a it's a it's an aura where

bro you're a machine like literally

when when when i did one of the uh one

of the games i gave them my routine

bro i'm waking up at 4 20 bro just to be

out of the house at 4 45.

outfit already picked out i'm going to

be fresh

at 420 we're trying to smoke something

you see i'm saying that like that's the

only 420 you recognize right but 420

that was my alarm clock right

so for me i'm out of the house at 4 45

driving down the highway i'm walking

into the facility at 5

15 kind of like 5 20 just how far i

stayed away

but at the same time you have to

compartmentalize your feelings

compartmentalize your personal life


everything to to to enhance your mental


right yeah enhance your mental stamina

if they don't it doesn't matter about

it's eight o'clock at night we have to

watch film

we have to you know get these certain

things done yeah

right and we all know who i was behind

and i wanted to make sure i gave

everybody confidence knowing that i was

doing everything right right it already

came natural

me being is that was that a change for

you that's the thing

yeah yeah me being an african-american

quarterback a lot of times you're

snipped with

with having the intellectual prowess

that a tom brady may have as a aaron

rodgers as a drew brees

as a painter yeah but when you look at

you know the lamar jacksons he's look

almost down upon because he's he's so

athletic but that don't mean like

you can't respect him right for his iq

for exactly his iq

russell wilson colin murray you know now

they get their just dude because they're

gunslingers no

do do do russell wilson get his just

dude i don't know

he should he died now now he's he's he's

he's a he's a superior talent

you know what i'm saying and but at the

end of the day i'm not i want to

i want to get back to something because

like you you started you saying like

you know you wish he had his dogs i feel

like i mean you did the right

dog a security blanket and that's what i

said i said this on bill belichick

i'll be honest with you you know i can

break down everything

but bill belichick like you went into

that situation knowing that you didn't

have that

and i feel like you could have done a

better job because bro you

there's no tight end julianna man he

played three four games

right and i know you like doughboy but

doughboy whether they're better or

whatever like

he's not that he's not that guy right

right now right now right now

so so here's my thing though is like you

know i remember watching all your press

conference you said all the right things


excuse my like phenomenal job bro like

just standing up there and you said no

these are my guys we have everything we

need in the locker room but the reality

is that you didn't

the reality is that you didn't and so

like how you put yourself in that

situation like everything i've seen you


the moves you make off the field is so


right it's like how you go to new

england knowing that you don't have that

you took the hardest job in the country

i did

following tom brady but hear me out

what other options did i have

since we've been a bean like what other

options did i have

you you i think you had the option you

you you're cam newton you're superman

but i intimidate a lot of people and


i intimidated the franchise that i was


a hundred percent we all know that we we

know the story so

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa but let's keep

it a bean let's let's keep it 100.

like everybody's not used to to to

knowing who they are and what they are

and not being moved and bothered by it

right and for me that's where i stand up

the most

you know a lot of people look at me from

afar he's like man he's flamboyant he's

this he's that

i want you to think like that i'm from

atlanta georgia

i said that before that's my second time

saying i'm a finesse bro

you know i'm a chameleon i know how to i

know how to make a way

you put me anywhere i'ma figure it out

you could put me in a room full of


and i'ma still find my way you could put

me in a room full of

full of crackheads i'ma still find my

way you could put me in a room full of

hustlers and dope boys and scammers and


that's just the environment that i came

from you know what i'm saying that's the

environment that we're in

still to this day we gotta figure it out

but at the end of the day with me

a lot of people look at me and

automatically assume

he's this he's that and i understand

that that's and that's fine

but where that franchise was going i was

not in the plans

so by the time i got released the only

place that made

sense for me for my career was new


right right and make no mistake about it

there was a lot of there was a lot of

behind the scenes

talk that i wasn't privy to about the

plans moving forward but the thing that

that that i must say here a lot of

behind the scenes talk from carolina or

the patriots

carolina i wasn't in the plans but

that's the business

right and i learned that and and i and i

respect matt rule i respect

pepper for putting me through that you

know what i'm saying but at the end of

the day i

i can i'm a man i'm a father you know

what i'm saying i gotta man

if my son see me crying and weeping

about this like bro

figure it out mm-hmm cause they got the

good cereal in in the pantry

before they go back to sugar oats it's

gonna be a world of trouble

yeah right right you know what i'm

saying they need they need frosted

flakes by

kellogg lucky charms you know what i'm


like not not sugar oats or dog on

frosted weeks

like the real stuff publix bread you


not the trash bags here you know like

the plastic bag but for real but to get

back on the point like yeah and i want

like i know who i am i know what i am

i know what i stand for and i want to


my message is always bro be you bro

and that's hard to do like be you

because when when when you when you flaw

when when when you're not genuine or you

come off as like

i give you respect for that because it

took me eight years to do that

and not until i got to the new york jets

where i finally stepped into myself

you was one of the first guys you know

outside of ocho

that like i'm comfortable being me how i

dress how i talk

you know what i mean because like we put

ball players in the box and say this is

how it's supposed to be

how quarterback supposed to be peyton

manning tom brady act like that

talk like that right so i respect that i

just want to talk about i want to go

back to new england

right you talked about new england

belichick has this thing

the patriot way you mentioned that you

mentioned not having a long enough

off-season right to be able to get

things in place

let's talk about the patriot way was it

an extreme

challenge for you no

no it wasn't it wasn't nothing that i i

didn't have to

get used to i've been working my work

ethic was always high it's still high

there are a lot of people that wants to

know exactly what the patriot way is


the patriot like i said it's mental


like it's hard to explain but that's the

word that's the definition

you have to have the same much as much


as you have for the first day of pads as

the last day of past right

right and you're going to practice right

you got to be mentally tough

you got to be physically tough right and

that's what it is you can't blink so

were you ever considered a more run

that's bill's favorite one more right

you're [ __ ] more wrong he got he got

what everybody's

more right he never

but you said it's his favorite word he

said he called his favorite word but

i was going to if he called your warrant

what you just did nothing before

what you mean whatever they did i ought

to be cut would you mean nothing

if bill called me a [ __ ] i see you


i seen bill cuss tom out exactly they

see i've seen him cut time out day one

on the field they going at it cursing

each other out

y'all got me in but but check your mind

he's expending me everybody's expendable

everybody everybody if you like what

happened what happened what happened

with you

in new england why ain't work out with

you the patriot way was too hard for you

no it's still football at the end of the

day they had too many [ __ ]

me wes welker

gronk aaron hernandez

chico chico it was just it was so much


if you ain't up to speed right then

it's hot here it doesn't matter it

doesn't matter your status definitely i

definitely want

to complain you know what's crazy your

hair is crazy i'll talk about the

patreon i was in the patreon wait josh's

mail was my head coach

don't count it do count let me tell you

why in new england i understand what

that picture was

no no no no that's why it flamed out

because he literally came here and cut

the shirt

cut the damn it was the patriot he was

baby bill

he was baby bill i love mcdaniel's two

years i love he is

but he's not baby bill without bill

he has his own he has his own way he do

have his own weight but

i i truly believe because of his

experience he didn't even know who he


i'm telling you bro okay i'm curious to

hear this all right all right so so so

this is what i mean

i'm coming off back-to-back seasons with

100 catches and pro bowl

he didn't know that soon as he he yeah

he ain't know that that's exactly yeah

you know that he didn't know the whole

world know that right you know what

you're saving me on you know what he

said to me on day one

he said i was like coach like you know

coach shanahan here we was negotiating

the country he's like well i don't know

who you are i really don't know what

you've done

so it took it bro it literally took four


i was rotating i was i was behind i'm

sorry bro

larry fitzgerald and andre johnson and

then they was talking about brandon


and he telling me i gotta rotate what's

wrong with that

what's wrong with that you ever rotate

it in in cincy did they ever say oh

brandon this is literally what we was

doing in new england

ocho you up this drive the next drive


grafny you're up then the next drive you

got um

you know uh what's the uh brandon lloyd

you up like we was rotating it wasn't


we played against the dallas cowboys and

it's a two-minute drill

and that's it was obviously the best

receiver on the team

and adam gates was my receiver coach you

were the best receiver yes

are you sure i'm positive okay go ahead

and positive

adam gates my receiver coach i go to

adam gates during a two-minute drill and

adam gay says

brandon you're down i'm down it's two

minutes the game is on the line

i said you are you seriously yeah that's

what it is i go to coach mcdaniel i said


what you talking about down he says

don't worry about it we're going 11


so i'm out there so then we call hitch

and hitch converts to go versus press


yeah kyle orton throws it to me i moss


one of the corners over there i take it

to the crib

and then that from that moment i after i

came to southside i'm not rotating no


you said that i said that and i didn't

rotate but i'm saying all that because

when you talk about the patriot weight

that's the patriarchy way

right whoever got the high hand they

don't give a [ __ ] who you are

it doesn't matter cam talked about when


went down with covet and when he came

back it was kind of like

what the [ __ ] but that was mental though

right no no but they're not waiting for


oh no they still gonna pluck they're

still gonna push they still gonna put

like here oh

you forgot these books right you know


that's not just football that's life in

general facts that's what i'm saying

i'm not complaining hear me out when i

tell you i'm not complaining we just we

just having a conversation

this is he ain't no slack

it's it's consideration a lot of

organizations 31 other teams out there

that would say look this is our starting

quarterback he got to be on

everything in new england they're not

necessarily saying that

it's up to you to do your job it's up to


to stay on top of everything that's true

but that's different

but barring the position like at that

particular point in time

and throughout the season everybody knew

i was the starter so it wasn't like

you know i wasn't quote unquote the guy

you know what i'm saying yeah clearly

you're like jason what's his statement

no but but i will say this too there

were times where i

knew i'm about to get pulled and that's

that's helpless right yeah but what do

you mean that's helpless

because you know your your play is not

congruent like bro i'm a realist bro

like but but i asked you that because

um when you're playing bad or you if

it's not up to par or whatever you want

to call it

and you have that in your head you're

done they're not waiting

so that's why i want i want you to go

deeper there because like if you're out

there you're saying white 80 white 80

and you're thinking about if i don't

complete this pass

you know what we say your ass get tight

your ass get tight boy

you know what i'm saying you you went to

new england as a

uh all pro a pro bowler

mvp everything you got you did it all

but when you get there because the way

they operate

the new england way they want the hot

hand right now

they erase all that other sh i play i


confessions in practice

yeah 12. what the [ __ ]

let's go back to this like i sensed a

lot of things

like that i wasn't that that that wasn't

me i'm not

i'm not an argumentative person i'm like

coach let's figure it out like yeah yeah

and that example that you use that's

what they're like that's a normal day

like arguing like boom boom boom boom


and that's the competitive drive like

that's how they communicate

it's nothing like just for and this is

why i love and respect i think bill

belichick is the most

misunderstood person in all 100 percent

a thousand percent

he dopish yeah he do like he is a cool


he understands the game he's like a

historian of the game

and for you to just sit down and chat

with him like it's like damn like he's

going back and he's got film

like literally teaching the game

yeah like what's his right hand man name

ernie ernie earned man he's a he's just

a a a genius yeah like but he's

only if you got access so you say you

sit down with him

because most people outside looking in

like i feel like i had

i feel like i had the patriot way when

they when when josh mcdaniels came to


you guys played in new england and a lot

of people outside is like

man bill is kind of cold so when he gave

you that access open door

bill bill not cold well he no no he's


like josh isn't either like nobody's on


team has this aura where you do not want

to be around him

it's everything is geared to win and if

you're not

if you're not built for that that's not

the place for that

and i'll say this that's not the place

where you want to lose either

and i found that out the hard way so

like those are certain things that's

going by and there was some

some some skeptical things that was

going on that i could have reacted and

retaliated to

but like nah i'm not going to do that i

just got to be better you're on the one

you're on a one-year one-year deal would

you go back

yes hell yes especially definitely

with the off-seat you get off season you

got ota everything i don't have to

i'm getting tired of changing bro i'm at

a point in my career bro i know it i

know way more than i knew

last year correct now you give me what

you just said yeah

it's a different ballgame it's a

different ballgame okay not even that

a system with me

you know what i'm saying like they know


doughboy knows me jacoby knows me bud

knows me

the the young titans know me the younger

guys that's going to come in this is how

i can react like

we're still trying to flush out the 20

years of how it used to be

and i'm going in and i'm not i'm saying

well that's not me is there a chance you

go back to new england

there's always a chance for everything

y'all talking i can't say that

you know i got played by come on

it's a lot of things that that that you

say bro i can't now that's not me bro

i'm not about to sit up here and go back

and forth

with coach and it was tempted sometimes

to do it but you realize it's coming

from a

space of bro i just want to get my job


why aren't we the number one offense

right there are some things that said


you know with quick tempers in in a in a

meeting where he's just like coach hold

on bro like you trying me bro like you

ain't talking

say my name you know what i'm saying but

you can't you can't take that route

first off i didn't have no leverage i'm

gonna one-year deal

right you know what i'm saying i'm

getting wrong i'm getting i got yeah i'm

getting yanked

for me saying all those things bro i'm

not gonna do that but but

you just one you're still cam newton

that's fast

they they change the entire offense

to adhere to your ability when you look

at what they did

new england has never done that much on

the ground

even from the time that i was even when

corey didn't want it

they hadn't they hadn't done that much

and you're coming behind the

goat right so for them to come in and

say all right

we believe in this guy's ability so much

we're going to change our entire


right and you guys ran out you it was

some success early

covet happened some other things

happened defense wasn't playing as great

as they had been playing

to give you an opportunity to have the

ball in your hand more often

but bro you are still cam newton

i still can i love that [ __ ] but

times two so let me say this so let me

say this fair to you

so like for me it was still times where

i i was like coach use me like

like use me bro like what you we're

talking about 12

15 15 years however 20

20 all right 20 years of of drop back

five wide yes he can do that too one on

the two

he can but that's the thing but that's

the thing they got to learn

they got to figure it out and that's why

you're asking me would i go back yes i

would go back because now he knows

he knows the dog

all right let's say he you talking about

the oomph is the dog ain't no

okay let's say he got the dog you say

you got the dog we can bring the food


it's a good discussion over food let's

see we gotta feed this vegan

and we got mcdonald's for this boy

we need that but you've been saying it

though cause we talked about cam on the

show a couple

a couple shows ago and you were saying

no because we were like who's gonna be

the quarterback of the patriots

and all you kept saying this is that's i

this is what it's gonna be

oh yeah yeah i know remember i think you

i think you said cam was done

no i ain't say that oh i'm just i never

said that you're trying to start


what we got here chef oh my bad my bad

that's what we got

here you go there we go what we got

about this little for you brother i know

you talking about the cheeseburger

earlier yes sir we got that cheesy rice

for you that barbecue shrimp

a little bit of corn and uh zucchini and

also for fred taylor and brandon

marshall we have some cory shrimp

jasmine rice with um carrots and coconut

springs i just dated chick named jasmine

sweat and also for uh cam newton we have

our bbq baked beans zucchini and corn

why do you make that he really vegan

yeah he's really vegan

chef we finna stop that though all that

vegan all that vegetable will be we need

some chicken you can help me with the

meal prep to get him right we're trying


get him to lose 20 pounds go help him

next year

yeah i'm gonna get with him we'll talk

to you we'll make it happen we'll make

it happen no problem

so he gonna be he's gonna be the guy

with the meal prep no i'm gonna do it

because i'm gonna move in with you

say that yeah yeah i'm gonna just work

on to him

i got the stogies on deck now i got i

got premium wi-fi

okay i'm ready you know fifa yeah

you play you play on that fifa okay okay

you know we can run the duels on we're

gonna run the duos on the zone though

we are two grown to be playing video

games that's a lot three y'all you play

video games you play video games

that's part time work all right where

was we at cause we was about to get


chef low bda chef low

what else we got for a chef talk to us

about what you do every single day

so i pretty much have the pleasure to

cook for um the combine athlete's a

household athlete so we got about 30

guys we're doing those shameless plugs


you know um

my bad go ahead go ahead yeah so

definitely also i'll be i'm the chef

when i am woman as well and i'm standing

there for chef nancy tonight

nice um inspiration honestly it's

because i was brought up into it

um my family always has pop-up shops we

always used to do a lot of fried fish

growing up catching sharks um fresh fish

off the rocks

you know spur fishing scuba diving and

all of that

more or less um that's from where my

influence comes from and also from the

island you said fried fish you still do

the fried

how you feel about ocho talking about

you know the whole debate about ultra

versus science

and his fried food and not eating

healthy i'm with cam

on this so personally i mean i'm just

asking i just want their opinion i made

some health changes personally for me i

removed dairy from my diet

and it helped to cut back on a lot of

inflammation in my body i used to play

college basketball

so i would get a not a lot of knee

problems and whatnot as soon as i

switched over to cashew milk and almond


my knee problems honestly just stop

completely more or less no

that's not what happened what you did is

you switched over and you mind [ __ ]

yourself and thinking

that's why it stopped possibly brother

but hey

we can't be i won't say no possibly

that's wrong man we can't all be born

with gifts like you brother like

you you're a different breed brother

what what's your ethnicity

my nephew i'm black you got the gift son

i know that brother that's the gift i

got the gift of hype i didn't get the

gift for atleticism

you know that's funny all right love it

chef appreciate you

i appreciate y'all man thank you thank

you all right good tell chef are we

gonna tell chef you did good bro

appreciate it amazing not that good


all right so we talked about where we

were what's going on

and just to end this football

conversation no we we can't end the

football conversation

i know it's juicy i just might be a

two-part series i just

i i wonder how that came about because i

firmly believe that

you know he he's the in my in my heart

he's still a gator a lot of people don't

know he won the university of florida

you know what i'm saying so in my heart

he's still a gator

i remember um cam dt deontay

uh uh chico aaron hernandez right

a couple guys they came up to my crib in


when they're in college they were in

college yeah yeah they were in college

but my house was wide open to everybody

was it big was it a big crib

i'm gonna let him finish and i'm gonna

tell him i'm gonna let him tell his

story and i'm gonna tell him

all right it was decent i i went i went

crazy in jacksonville i had my big crib

over here

i was there right now so so he was


so they like they took they pale grant

so whatever they were getting the bread

from they like let's play dice

two dice i take them upstairs to the

gamer on the pool table

i know i i broke everybody everybody's


i took everybody bread everybody bread


chico everybody but i gave it back

oh yeah i gave it to dp though dt from

the career from the city from

right right hold on you took everybody's

money didn't give it to dt i gave it a


i don't know what dt did after that but

i gave it a d but it's a home it's a

hometown thing that's right it's a


right so i gave it to ddt but what the

show was

this is a good dude ever since then i

felt like little brothers

and you know what i'm saying everything

they did i was always proud of them

i hated what the university did

you know we can i still to this day feel


those national championships that we won

could have easily could have been his

national championship

basically saying tim tebow i'm not

knocking tim

i love tim tell me to ask because i

don't know i'm not trying to be messing

with you i

am not i am missing i am messy

i am messy but i'm not trying to be

messy here give me the timeline no no

i'm about to i was tim tebow's backup


but but that's the thing though he

he said he was tim tebow's backup it was

really 1 181 b

1 1 b 1a no but you didn't he could have

done the same thing but they did in my


yeah they didn't they didn't know that

though but and all respect like a lot of

a lot of who we are today is about the

things that we've been through

right what i've seen from the tebow's

the percy harvin's the aaron hernandez

the mike palace he's the marquise palace

he's the chris rainey's the major rights

the joe haydens the carlos dunlap

like the brandon spikes like did you see

the squad that he was on no no no no

them boys nfl

no but that was no listen i know they

was already together though that was two

recruit classes tim tebow

like percy brandon spikes that was one

then we came back

followed it up with marquis bouncy mike

pouncy myself

carlos dunlap major right joe hayden

uh deontay thompson uh

like bro like we got a a bro

a mob black yeah like but we had a

a dynasty bro no it was serious but that

was that was just that and then chica


hernandez see and that's what i that's

what i wanted to just kind of

you know just really ask you because i

know how i felt because i talked to him

the day before everything went down

what did you mean what what what went

down like

i mean because we obviously like when

before he went to jail

before he went to jail no no no no not

but not

the day before he allegedly committed


we we just had a conversation before

before what hold on when he was in


suicide before he allegedly committed

suicide we just talked

he's in great spirits like like we

chopping it up well he was

yeah big dog you know i'm here man you


my family this and that everything is

good good good good

so when they said he committed suicide

i'm sitting here like i just talked to

him last night

right you know what i'm saying he ain't

even mentally built like that

he white different you know it wasn't

that sweet so we all got

we all got different different chico


100 like i was with chico like we was in

the same recruiting class

so i seen the younger him and and

one thing that i'll say about him how

he's being portrayed as this villain

that's not him

that's not him we talked about i mean

like don't get me wrong what

what in all respects of what happened

the person that i know yeah yeah yeah

like just just from yours and everybody

who everybody from florida

at that particular point of time called

them chico they didn't it wasn't calling

them aaron

like no bro chico you tell me chico


chica from connecticut like yeah like he

was a

loyal funny goofy dude bro like

so much so that he spent thanksgiving

with me

and my family like that so what so don't

get like

the bashing of who he is and what he has

done that's that's

understandable we we we live in the day

in time that that's what it is and

that's the part that i dislike

is because he's not here to defend

himself yeah so

everything that that's come up i dismiss


because that's not the chico or the

aaron that i had grown to know from

the night coming to the crib the playing

the game

you know following up on the guys to

being a teammate

to being a teammate with him in new

england you know my

my first year 09 2010 when he came in

grunt came in jules came in like all

these guys was you know right under my

arms and

it was still the same like all of us

just brothers in the locker room none of

that other funny

crazy that they're trying to say or

portray but bro

bro like i'm gonna be honest with y'all

like i don't know your experience cause

you said cause you

start diving into it like you know yeah

i remember what they had a whole year

with them

so what was your experience like before

i before i get my thoughts

cool as hell cool dude went out with him

a couple times not

out out but me no to eat chat i had to

pay for that jersey

number stuff like that yeah yeah yeah

how much you gave damn touch your nose


how much you get yeah so here's what i'm

saying so everybody that

i mean the sentiment is universal

everybody who played with him

but y'all got to understand like people

who had wasn't around chico

aaron like it y'all got to explain that

you know what i mean because like

because the pouncey brothers loyal like

riding with them

you you even y'all right now so i get

that but then there's a you know it

seems to be an

another side to him like it seemed to be

another side to him

and do y'all can y'all understand i

under listen do you have to respect

what took place there was a body or in

essence bodies that were damaged

right in some way shape form or fashion

i respect that

right and i'm not denying what was done

was bad

now the person from my vantage point

who they claim did it nah you just can't

see it

no but in that but i knew him in a

different time

i knew this 17 18 19 right

year old chico you know and obviously he

knows a different time in a different


but yet through it all like you know

when when you're painted as a villain

like the joker ain't never don't nobody

tell good stories of the joker

like oh he or don't show his his kid

pictures or nothing like that

right without a guy you know what i'm

saying but yeah through it all man

i knew a beautiful soul fun loving you

know he was

he was only thing he wanted to do was

just make it to the league

like as everybody else but to to kind of

touch base back to

the story with freddy t

he had this person who is in essence

like a a a big brother and

he kind of took us under the wing of

like he would we check up on us

you know he he know really renny ren

yeah i know right so solid right so he


he was literally like coming from where

i was from from atlanta from gainesville

that's six hours

and i would you know you get homesick or

you just find yourself trying to do

things that like that

by time you're you know what i'm saying

get your mind off and it was it was

brought up

brought up to us to be able to go to a

to a game

so out of the love of of who you i'm i'm

oblivious to everything you know what

i'm saying dt's talking about like yeah


so cool like i said who is the fair team

so you know franti yeah bro and at this


like fred t was jacksonville

everything like franchise player like

you know you look at

on the side of the stadium like i'm

still there

ah don't don't

go ahead don't deny it but yet the thing


that wasn't what was the cool thing

right so from a 19 year old's


so i'm like damn so the game had to be

over so what we about to do

so really like man what time y'all got

curfew i mean i got no curfew we just


what 7 am workouts in the morning we

just got to be up for that boom

shoot we're going to highlight we're

going to go back to fred teahouse so we

go over there

and it clicked

like so you mean to tell me if i take

this game serious

i can have all this

it was nice bro what

did i tell you where i was from yeah you

really you like you ain't walking in


like this so now i'm looking around and

then for him to be so humble and like


like yeah bro y'all play for the gators

it was like damn bro like you try to

hold your

yeah right right yeah just rush for a

hundo bro like we see you on espn

like you know going crazy but that

wasn't the story i was going to tell the

story i was going to tell we went there

on that same pool table that's why i

would start seeing

real jewelry because i'm like i'm


and then we went up there he had a

little jeweler there all the

what's it called i'm like man this

[ __ ] so rich bro here and they

got to go to the damn mall

only the jury starts in the middle of

the month right right you feel me like

you want to go get a white a bus down

watch it was the uh

west end mall what you used to do no you

had the discount mall you had the green

brown mall yeah back in the day yes

shannon mall

yeah yeah south lake mall but linux


in my tax bracket what you doing in


no i ain't going now trying to find an

outlet man

so he goes up there man and like jewelry

like necklaces rings

earrings boom and he probably don't even

remember this

he bought his his body he bought it the

significant other

some earrings

when they saw you know just like anybody



i'm over here looking at tags bro twenty


fifty thousand seventy five eighteen


i don't know what to get these numbers

from bro like

just something just light work and i was

a pro

it clicked like i gotta have that i want


yeah yeah i ain't nothing back up 75

north i can't go back up there

like i need this like this is making it

from where i'm from

his kids was around everybody was around

they felt

safe it wasn't no five five five oh

like right right it was an environment

where it was just like bro

man you drinking cool we vibing cool we

watching the highlights cool i never had

that so i was like bro at that point

i need that so whatever is going to give

me that and that

that was football i got to start taking

it serious my time at florida

i wasn't i wasn't i wasn't ready and

tebow was everything he's as hyped up to


he's the greatest college football

player oh yeah

oh no he's tough oh whoa whoa whoa

that's a whole nother part because i

don't know if we got time to dive into


him him and reggie bush reggie whoa

my time i know who you about to go to my

time the greatest

collegiate football player ever is

peterborough yes

that's my fault if you don't know no you

can't say it percy


like natural football player

one of those guys that was just like he

had you talking about dog

yeah finesse attitude aura

like i know i give you that book p-dub

hey and them runs who

look at him gator look at the florida

runs we

we won two in three years i get that who

was the superstar in those runs

but you you know when i say this i say

this if percy wasn't

there there's no tebow you know man and

i say that

he know that i fight for him and anybody

who's on that team

knows if percy's not there yeah there's

no tim tebow

real talk great you say tebow's the

greatest college player ever

you say pw i say pizza we're chef at


chef someone got to break the tie no no

p double was the dog yeah

did you play with him in cincy yeah what


uh memory towards knee up oh thank god

he tore me up and that's what it was but

when he came in was he still nice like


yeah he wasn't when i came when i got

drafted he was still nice him and ron


him and ron dukes was there p.w wasn't

as explosive

as percy hartman i'll give you that i

give you that

i give you that i don't mean nothing

yeah but i don't mean nothing that'll

mean nothing

nah percy personal return kicks

pound for pound percy return kick with

no practice

so did pete up p double return kicks

percy return punch returned points

percy played receiver he didn't play

receiver percy played

running back pizza didn't do that and he

didn't have to do that

what's that called the formation we get

wild cat pwa

with no practice bro like listen

i'm literally true story bro true story

i'm on the sideline we was playing lsu

like that it was like a saturday night

primetime game

lsu was they had everybody right and

pat peter at the time uh it was had to

be a

young pat p but i don't think he was

that he wasn't pat p

yet but i was in florida and now i'm on

the sideline i'm literally

dan mullen was officer coordinator er a

head coach

and i'm seeing them charlie strong dc


i'm sitting up bro we loaded bro on the

coaching staff and everything

and i'm literally saying like we needed

the spark yeah

we need to get and all and i had the the

luxury of having the headphones

it was a live headphone and you hear all

the coaches talking

right and it's like it was weird to just

kind of see how the coaches kind of

communicate with each other either be

respectfully or disrespectful whatever

they just got they just said whatever

they feel long story short they said

manny we need to get

percy the ball


so coach mullen bro they literally

coached him up on the sideline and say

you're going to come in take a snap and

but but you're going to go it's like a

misdirection they drew this up in the

on the sideline and 80 yards later

he sco bro he versus lsu like lsu

like this ain't no this ain't no miami

tech this ain't no devry

university of phoenix he said the bride


tech this is real dogs that he's going

against he took the ball bro

from the sideline grabbed it and hit it

and i said bro

i've never seen nobody going against

that type of firepower like

at that point on that field the pendulum


of skill set was so high

like when you when you're around players

you know you you see the freddy t you


the brandon marshall you see the ochos

and it's just like bro

y'all elevating my game by me just

seeing it

and then workouts working out every day

seeing these players

just effortlessly like bro five star

recruits just like bro

like this is a this is a factory i wanna

put words in your mouth i don't wanna

put words in your mouth but when you

came out when you left

um when you left for auburn no no i want

to go back further

when you left florida yeah you went you

had to go to uh

uh jc yeah to the j

did you develop um did you have a chip

on your shoulder i did

like what was no no no i don't want i

want to say that

what was your mindset when you left


um i had i transferred off the mere fact


they were still playing this game of

who's the number two

they had john brantley he was the

gatorade player of the year in florida

and he was in here his people was in

ocala yeah yeah you know the backstory

of that

and i was like why am i competing for

the number two

who wants to be number two i'm i'm y'all

putting me in a situation where

i'm hoping that a person gets hurt for

me to play right

when y'all would support when y'all gave

me the

the the idea that i'm going to be at


my role for this team is going to be

what tebow was when he was a freshman

because i can run bro like i can

i can do that i've shown i can do that

over time

giving me the ball to say okay cam run

left okay cool i can do that

in my sleep and those are the things is


that's what i thought i was gonna do at

the least it never was presented itself


to say that he won the heisman now what

the hell are you going to say now cam

yeah yeah what am i going bitching

complaining on the sideline that this

man won the heisman no

that's so yeah he has all the accolades

to make him

the greatest player in college football


percy harvin so okay let's fast forward


you make it to the league and and was

those your words or somebody else was

already talking about

i want to be a icon um i know this was

misquote this was peter berg


he asked the question i had just signed

the deal with under armour

and it was the most at that time more

than anybody has ever signed

as a rookie and he was getting in the

details of what does this deal mean

and i said this deal is is is and this

is something that's

i want to be more of an icon for a

sport right and where was that a bad use

of words

no yeah because at the end of the day we

want to see ourselves as the lebrons

as the michael j you think you became an


yeah yeah we can't deny that yeah

i i agree i agree but i gotta get my

great gumbo on

what i said like this though when i came

into the lead

michael vick was headed out mm-hmm right

vince young was headed out i was coming

off the tracks of

um nigel marcus jamarcus russell

demarco okay so the the thought the

thought of a black quarterback

that man it made it easy for you the

thought of a black quarterback was in


like who are we donovan mcnabb was still

there but

he was on the backside of his career now

when i look at the league now

i'm seeing lamar deshawn

about to be justin fields you know what

i'm saying

russell wilson colin murray

yeah you know everybody say that you

know what i'm saying the list goes on

and and and minorities

were automatically like okay well he's a

high-risk player

i'm not saying i'm a trailblazer for

that but the fact

what what was done helped that yeah but

i'm just like but

i don't put you i don't put you in that

i don't think you're an icon because of


like i really don't like to me your icon

because of how you did it

it's almost like how ocho did it right

yeah it's like

disruptive and for you it was just like

this is who i am right like even you

know what i'm saying

so that's why i think you're an icon and

then you and then you back that up 2015

you go on that magical run you go to the

super bowl

and and it was like you bawling

and you doing it your way that's why i

think you're not that's why that's why i

think but the title

when and and he may not have known but i

i pete how he moved with like

dt you know what i'm saying like being


like what was in this man's you mean

fred yeah

like going back all the way back then

like you you take mental notes so

right damn that's how he act like that's

cool bro like you really the og like you

could have easily been like man i don't

want these uh

yeah i want these things in my house

bruh you feel me like these

he was open like bro whatever y'all need

man reach out just

so for me when when young dudes come up

come in

come in the league like bro use me

right how can i help no um

not just the ogs so 2015

that was super bowl 50 right yeah i was

still playing

and i was on the sideline reporting for


and you made my day you made my day


you cam newton and you had a magical


and you're in the super bowl and i'm

standing on the sideline and everybody

cameras are

around you and all week you got media

role all of that

yeah tired probably cam

cam and bro you came out your way and

you came and you you chopped it up with

me yeah and you ain't rushed the


you took a picture with me i'm i'm in

the league i just came off a two

off of 1500 yards and you made my day so

you talking about the young cats

but that right there bro said a lot made

my day

and it said a lot about who you are you

know i don't know if you remember that

but you probably don't yes you know

super bowl 50.

no you know it's a matter of you don't

forget super bowls bro you don't forget


but the thing for me like barring


like cool i'm i am who i am but bro i'm

a genuine dude bro

and a lot of people can't say that they

want to say it but a lot of people

don't mean that like if i [ __ ] with you

bro i [ __ ] with you

and this ain't no this ain't no let me

let me put this this lingo

like [ __ ] all the cameras bro how [ __ ]

would you brought

with you a lot of people get a lot of

this twisted like

the outfits and like bro i'm gonna say

it for the fourth time

i'm from atlanta georgia don't get this

twisted but at the same time you know i

just do it

you got to stay funky so how do you stay

real cause i seen you in paris too you

in paris

you got cigars you from i'm gonna say it

you from atlanta georgia bro

you know where nobody wearing no hats

like that ain't nobody's there no


i'm gonna say it for him and we said it


exposure lead to expansion

he he he's moving yeah you know what i'm


he he deserves everything that he's


he's busted his ass he's worked for he's

been against all of the odds

so now it's time for him he's getting

out and he's just living but i say

i like you talking to a person like bro

i give

back do you know

no it's not for you to know it's not

like for me to show how many times i'm

going to the hospital the boys and girls

club and the shelters

like that's corny to me like it's just

it's funny you go there no

no it's funny you're going to let me

play golf i went to play golf in atlanta


and we made a turn i see cam newton rose

i don't know where i was oh yeah but

it's sure i'm like i love that

yeah where is it i don't even i don't

even know where it is

but i saw this show like all right i

respect that i love it

are we at hey bro we you know use the

locker room we ain't going we we

we we ain't gonna put you on the

pedestal too much but i do gotta i gotta

i gotta highlight

i hit you up i'm like yo i want to do

this right i want to

help out the front line employees you

took my call we talked about this was

just last year it was the beginning of

the pandemic no no no

you said bro i'm in no doubt but don't

put my name on it

but no no i respected that so when you

talk about

you know like do you know it was that

was their number one thing

you said bro bro i'm doing whatever 22

thousand don't matter

just don't put my name on it i don't

want to do all of that it's not it was

it was a lot of things that was going on

and i'm a person who is a

monster philanthropist me getting the

walter payton man of the year award

is cool but what you rea who you really

are is even better

right you know what i'm saying and i

told you you tell me how much i need to

send tell me what i need to do i don't i

don't care about

the the parades and all that bro i

really want to help people right

like you talk to a person who has a

foundation which has all-star teams

that kids that literally it's either


or failure football or failure

it ain't no in between right that's

their way out

for the sixth time atlanta georgia right


so it's so when you're talking to them

it's like bro

you want to how much does the richard

mille cost

like they see all the rappers and i'm

like bro you see

because where we where where we're from

the dope boys

are the icons like how do we get that


damn like this is a benz like on rims

like all the girls go like this dude got

a y

full of money like who was running hello


who's how do you get that

and this is how you do it illegally

so me trying to pull that out and say


you don't got to do that commit to

football you can have all that

the right way so football

passion philanthropy passion

i hear you're doing some uh you put your

entrepreneurial hat on right yeah yeah


i want to hear about it i mean i just

heard a small bit but everybody that's

tuning in they're going to probably want

to hear about it too

so for me i i like smoking cigars

as as my as my my partner right here

does too

i gotta i want to say i got one of the

best if not the best cigar lounge in

america the best

fellowship like real talk like really

you been

yeah yeah we sell the the the ochos

you got the ochos man come on man every

time he send them he ain't seen him in

the wild

i need to bring him back but we'll talk

but i'm saying at the same time

you sold out sold out it's like it's a

good thing

it's booming so with that it's like

let's not be no mistake like we still do


for for reasons where for monetary


and being a business owner is one of

those things so having that business

kind of shows you

the ins and outs like you you still do


that you learn on the football field and

you emulate those things in business

and it's no different and even that like

everybody sees me with the hat like i

got a hat company and i want to show


this hat that i got coming out and i

know what's that open but talk about

more about fellowship

like the location so it's in atlanta

it's in atlanta georgia for the seventh


and um and uh it

it was geared towards having a safe

environment for the businessman

right and you're talking about you know

the black hollywood

of the world you know i'm saying

everybody the strip club

anthem like everything like the mecca of


aura the the city of the scammers like


is atlanta you know what i mean you know

you know jay-z said if you can make it

in new york you can make it anywhere you

make it in atlanta

right you can make it anywhere you hear

me right that's just how i feel so

with that being said i just wanted to

create an environment where

you know you have a safe business


place where you can not only socialize

you can network you can not only network

you can have a great time

have great food as well as is it

membership based

we do have membership base as well so we

have certain events for exclusively for

the members

and you have exclusivity to being in

certain areas

how you get around how the hell did you

get around

cigars and food in the same damn venue

because there's people been trying to

solve that for for years right like

and i mean a lot of people don't

understand what i'm saying but there's

permits that you have to pull

and you know you can't smoke inside it's

certain permits that you have to have

the certain permits that you have to

abide by is it's like a 50

50 50 kind of ram hold on hold hold on

you got to be careful when you're

talking about 50 50 on this show

55 feet oh oh we had a discussion

hold that right there we had a

discussion okay right

about in this season about new england

like okay

so who who who

contributed the most was it belichick or

brady and so we always going around

talking about you know

alpha hundred it was 60 60 brady 40


belichick or whatever this dude went

and when it was his turn he's like i

think it's 55

50. i'm gonna tell you why it still went

over everybody's head though

you you've been in the system you've

been in the system right

what i was trying to say was it's more

than a hundred percent

they go right right hey it went amazing

in my head it was amazing these

[ __ ] crazy

all right so when you're in new england

how much how much effort bill gonna get

you bro

he's off of a hundred percent 100

you can't say 105. yeah right

you got to be with me though

yes they break 110 today real talk

so i still ain't 100

you got to say 55 55 yeah 55 yeah you

got to say 55 no

but all i was trying to say was more tom

than bill bill is amazing but then we

don't get to go down

because you brought up 50 50 because we

go back to the entrepreneur like

but to have the ability to

serve alcohol as well as tobacco as well

as food there are certain permits and


that you have to abide by and that's why

i say

we're the best cigar lounge in america

because a lot of places can't do that

a lot of places have got shutting down

or you can no longer sell cigars because

you don't meet that requirement just as

much tobacco as you serve you have to


food just as much food as you serve

you have to serve alcohol and it has to


like that see that's why i did my

research because

on the outside cam newton superman got

all this other stuff going on we don't

really know who you are

and so when i did my research and i

started peeling back

the curtain pulling back the curtain on

some of the things that you're involved


it's like you really in this because

like you're cam newton you can just put

your name on anything like yeah give me

the money under armor give me the money


but when it comes to this like you


know it and i think that's the

difference between

people who go from good to great in

business to good to out of business

so that's why like i really wanted to

have this conversation with you because

i i really want to get into your head on

you know

where does passion come from you know

when it comes to entrepreneur


it's important that people understand

to really know the plan

and knowing the plan is okay my timeline

for certain things is this okay what's

the plan

after i never wanted to be desperate

when i got to after to start that's when

you get make mistakes you're just saying

okay bro like this is a business venture

let me

dump money here this business let me

dump money there because you'll make


like i know this i know this business i

know it

enough to be able to expand to a

different market

you know and know how it's going to sell

what is what's going to work not what's

not going to work i know

not to get you know this business in a

certain place because their permits

won't even allow you to even have

to run a business the right way so you

know all in all it's it's

it's it's you got to do your homework

you got to do it

in a matter that like money is one thing

but time is everything 100

with that being said retirement

time is everything is it in the near

future for me

i can't go out like that i mean we got

we got um

we just saw the was it the athletic the

athletic uh reported that

it was basically like you know sources

have said yeah yeah

they said your arm strength isn't what

it's supposed to retirement is not all

retirement is enough so i'm asking you

right here right now

let us hear it but the people gonna hear

it too hell

no you can't you can't i can't go out

like that

no time table no i can't go i can't go

out like that the wheels fall off

no it's not even to the wheels i can't

go out like that

you got you just arm strength come on

man somebody just played in he's 43. i

love you

i i'm always on the corner but but but

cause i

this is i want to really had this

conversation cause like this is this is

you know what i mean this is everything

you know we all want to continue to play


all wish we you know what i mean so

you talk about you can't go out like

that can't

you feel like you can still do it you

still superman

it's my turn to talk hell yeah

like yeah like what are you

like what do you think like i'm not here

but you got to put yourself in my shoes


understand that i'm going to understand

i ain't no fighting in the locker room

no more

i got to talk about you every day fine

you're doing things first but

cam newton what you're doing that's

hiding on your stats but you're doing

your job you rush for 15 times the first

time 75 yards and then you know what i

mean hear me out bro

okay that's that's cool and it's cool

and i and my mom gonna kill me for

talking like this i'm sorry

but um look bro i hear all that bro

like i ain't never been a favorite yeah

you feel me like that's about for the

eighth time

but you know where i'm from like come on

now i'm like bro

you only get you only got a certain

amount of options to do

and giving giving the hand that i was

dealt bro like

going into last year is he healthy i

just wanted to finish healthy

now it's a lot it's like if i'm able to

learn his system

like come on bro i can't go out like

that my my pride won't even allow me to

do that

and you could talk about this you could

talk about that you could talk about


listen bro there's not 32 guys better

than me

put it like that so you're asking me


bro i'm not 32.

like real talk like i'm like when you

when you put it like that bro

i'm not the 32 worst like put come on


top top ten and that's on mary had a

little lamb you know what i'm saying

are you talking but easy no no no no i

don't deserve that

i don't deserve that it ain't about what

you deserve it's what you've done

and you top ten listen there is there

are certain

things that and the topic is what the

topic is i'm not done bro

yeah and whether it's it's just a matter

of time

so what's next new england with

off-season otas

you like him well one year under his

belt like you ain't you like new england

yeah ron rivera said he ain't ruling out

you coming to washington

you got riverboat riverboat

and i like i like that young boy over


oh mclaren mclaren and

now that's a that's woof boy

you like them there ocho whatever you


nasty right it's in god's hands are we

going to dc

saint hand bro don't give us that bro

you just you just broke news on i am

athlete with the thing going you been

built in this company that's all i

thought man it's the stogy talk

it's a little different type of talk bro


let's get back to that hey yo check this

out man so with my with my hat company

mashika hats

uh this is our first collection we're

coming out i need

all y'all hat sizes ain't forget about

channing uh

you got a big old head i swear hey i got

it we got it he's from atlanta

he threw me under the bus a couple times

too but it's all right yeah but

at the same time so i pay attention to

what y'all must say now so

i really watch the show i am an athlete

but i am really an athlete though so

all right so anyway back to the point so

at the end of the day

i have a a hat company and my sheikah

hats we make fire stuff so every time

you see me in a hat it's a meshika hat

and we were dropping our first

collection dropping our first collection

with a with with an

uh black history month tribute and we're

uh highlighting three pioneers

uh hold on time about time out time are

we getting an exclusive right now yes

you are

right you came on i am athlete to give

us the exclusive come on bro i take care

of y'all bro

that's respect bro let me get a hug bruh

you know where i'm from


we made it so we got three pioneers that

we're highlighting but i have one that

i'm that we're gonna highlight today

and it's rosa parks uh malcolm x and

harriet tubman three trailblazers that

in their own respect

changed the game for us as a culture as

a race

right so we wanted to do our due

diligence with it and we're creating

this masterpiece in the hat

and every person so you as you will see

the customization of it

and that will make sense here in a

second you see the rosa parks car

right here the only reason why i'm not

wearing this hat is because it is a

display it is it isn't exclusive we

haven't even made it my size yet but yet

the thing that i love most about this


is not today right so for her to be

a pioneer and be strong a double

minority a black woman hold on

but the inside too you get to see

uh rosa and the quotes that she stood

for so yeah

what does the double minority mean

double minority

she's a woman she's a woman and she's

black so and she made an impact with all


bar boom so so so we get the exclusive

that's big we made it

all this whole time since you've been

wearing these hats

because that's all we talk about i

thought they were nick foquette at first

that's what you thought

i'm glad i'm glad to know you got your

own yeah

because that's where i can go now so i

ain't got i ain't got to go to buddy

that's strategic hell no why would you

because i ain't no bob black

by minority like real talk like we've

as a culture as a culture we've made so

much money

for other people right we don't we don't

take care of ourselves bro that's one of

my new year's resolutions

you never you know i ain't even know now

you know i could have swear i thought

all you had with nick volcano yeah bro

like you doing all this bro

like this whole time this boy every week

we talking on espn on [ __ ]

we talking about what cam newton wins

and this whole time you've been building

your company

yeah that's strategic like a wise man

told me man i'm some dumb ain't plumb


all right so i mean is there is this

what is it i mean we talking about

are we talking about um brick and mortar

we talking about online like how to

we got a brick and mortar and we got

online yeah like

it's something like all my business

ventures has been strategic enough for

me to know

the thing i really like i told you i

told you i told you the five

f's for me you know this offseason is

obviously faith obviously

family football fitness

and fashion like those are the things

that i'm kind of trying to rock

we're gonna have to add another after

that what's that

food cause you're asking to eat right

or wrong right

damn this is dope appreciate you bro it

dropped february 15th

really nice you know what i'm saying i

don't know if you know this

but we we shifted the conversation to

i am athlete to i am black you know the

highlight so this is perfect time and we

know you was going to do this we ain't

know we're going to get the exclusive

so this is perfect timing for you know

what we're trying to highlight this

month a lot of times we we

lean into the struggle of the black

experience and we really don't highlight

you know what i mean the people who are

thriving you know and then obviously you

you you can't you can't talk about one

without the other

we know that but to me i need to hear

this you know what i'm saying and i

think it's time for us when you talk

about by

black support black i think it's time

for us to have these conversations

and really take our our community and

our culture to a whole new level so i


i support you bro and um you don't have

to gift it to me i'm

i'm buying that's cool don't send me

nothing get one

nothing get money that's the real


man we gotta even that like that's

that's big

right we talk about entrepreneurship you

know what i mean like

you can easily give me this and and this

i'm going somewhere with this and it's

big i want to get your thoughts on this

i don't bro no we i need to support you

you got a team behind you you got an


you trying you putting people on you

don't you don't know i don't want don't

don't give me nothing you know send me

the bill listen

listen you know i respect that

it's cause when people buy black they

always go to the register

and they say man come on hook a brother


when you go to gucci louis or prada

do you say that can't ain't no discount

so what gives you the right to say that

to that business owner or that

business that needs the money when you

when you're making

the rich richer so yeah for me and my

for for my new year's resolution i

promise i made a vow to myself

i'm not going to buy any high fashion

i'm going to buy black i'm gonna buy in

my community

as much as i possibly can right


and and hold people accountable to that

i thrift store shop

and there's some dope stuff there you

know i'm saying and meanwhile i'm saying

this as i'm rocking ralph lauren right

now but that's just

that's just how we're institutionalized

sort of sort of sort of speak

but yet it's it's it's it's a lot of

people that don't

know that do not know you know

how to you know in in in in our culture

what are we supposed to do bro like how

do we support you know what i mean

those young entrepreneurs black

entrepreneurs that's trying to make it

what like give give me the blueprint

what are we supposed to do

start i can't tell you that but i can't

tell you you have to change your


and you can't be a crab with with with


right what do you mean if you if you


teach right like i got a partner that's

with me right now

desean right and played football did

everything grew up together

known each other since we was eight law

everybody know him in the city law

right respect and the thing that made me

most proud of him got a

serious neck injury that got him out of

football was confused just like anybody

else would be like damn like i don't

know how to play football i can't play

football what the hell am i gonna do

got a master's degree and all that still

don't know what to do and the thing that

made me most proud about him

he dropped a candle like candles like

he's making candles like

and he's not just buying it from

somewhere he's literally

with the wicks and the wax and the

incense and the things like that i'm

like bro

like and he could have easily known good

and well like this is my

he's everything but the same blood to me

if he hurt i heard types you see i'm


and for him to do it on his own like

made you want to help more it's just

like bro he could easily say bro i need

20 bands bro

just to flip it i promise you i'll give

it back but at the same time

he if he would have took it he would not

have known

the struggles of what his 20

would have been and i could have easily

done it but for him to get his own intel

to reach out to the certain people

and for people to teach him and for him

to learn and for him to pick up a book

for him to kind of look and see

certain things like those are those a

bit everybody's not going to be lebron


ocho fred you know no no no

no it's ocho it's ocho lebron

and cam like y'all next level when it

comes to the stop that no no no no no

it's real 100 no no but keep speak real

like no not i i appreciate it

but no but i like where you're going

with it because people need to

understand that but

it's it's more important that when you

do get in these positions

and we had i mean i've seen topics where

y'all had on camera where it's just like

you know teaching people financial

literacy that's a real thing

like that's that's that's that's a real

athletic issue

because i'm broke as hell today and

tomorrow i got

20 million dollars in my account or it's

going to be at one particular point

how the hell do i like i'm mentally

still broke but i'm rich as hell

right and it's hard for a person to get

outside of that box so they just start

dishing money out left and right and end

up being broke

so you help yourself by finding out what

you like i like cigars i like fine

dining i like wine i don't drink hard

liquor i only drink wine and i smoked

cigars never did anything else

outside of those things so i buy an

investment that i want to learn more

about to teach me those things i've

reached out to so many different people

and yeah i did get some flaw you know

i'm saying messages like bro bro brother

beat around the bushes and things like


i'm still trying to teach myself or

learn as much as i can about fashion

you know what i'm saying like is that

why you was in paris

yeah that's why you've been impaired

that's no parrot the paris trip

impacted me the most with fashion

because i'm looking at this

and for the tenth time i'm gonna tell

you like culture starts in atlanta

like and i'm like bro i seen a dude

rocking this

a lot of how you see me dress and like

that's the culture

you know what i'm saying it's not it's

not no rule book about

fashion bro it's like it's just in you

it's not on you it's in you

you feel me so when i went to paris it

changed my life because it was like bro

they rocking

like next generation but i see that

every day walking down

flat shows old national you know what

i'm saying

zone one to zone six so like bro like

this real talk like zone three zone for

all that like people got

styled bro and they had it for years so

when you see me on tv like this is just

my way of expressing myself

and that's what it is i don't want to be

nobody i don't want to be you bro like


i don't want to be you fred i don't want

to be y'all inspire me but i don't want

to be y'all

i'm me and you got to respect that for

that for what it is

you've inspired millions i can honestly

say in my book

i'm sure probably you guys book your


definitely a lot of kids book and don't

don't discredit yourself

you you that dude be like you're a

[ __ ] legend bro

you feel me no you're humble in that

sense i feel you

but with what we've seen

you've done big big things you've took a


from here to here you know you mvp

like you've done major things from the


odds against you in college to going to

juco to coming back winning that

championship at auburn

you know you you win all these other you

you've gotten tons and tons of accolades

i'm not i'm not saying that because

you're here you know

i can't say that i'm i'm proud but i

always like to say i'm excited for

you when you do your thing it makes me

feel good

keep doing everything you're doing from

the philanthropy

to the entrepreneurial stuff to uh

letting people know who you really are

you know what i'm saying whatever your

passions take you they're going to take


at the end of the day i know you're

going to give it 120

60 60.

all right i always get hungry but no i'm

just trying to cap it off with saying

yes when when when

the student becomes a teacher you know

what i'm saying i respect everything

you've done

it brings a whole level of excitement

over me to see what you're doing

i don't see you all the time i don't

talk all the time but i love those young


and i love to see what you're doing now

and everybody else going they're going

to figure it out

it might hit them later but they

understand that your heart is good

you solid as [ __ ] and that's all that

matters at the end of the day

you feel me i respect that i respect


hey um y'all shave y'all balls man

y'all y'all like no like come on like

say what's up

hey oh uh now look look tio came on the

show what'd he say

what did t.o say with this changing gear

so we got a segment on this show called

changing gears

okay so i got manscape here

and i i really like it we we talking to

the locker room cam

stay with me right now okay and this is

real talk we talk about everything we

talked about

you know getting your ass checked you

know what i'm saying then your ass eight

no no no we ain't said no no no no no no

no he did not no he did not

stop me stopping about manscaping right

we talk about mental health we talk

about finance we talk about marriage we

talk about everything

so now i'm talking about hygiene for a

man we expect our women to shave

and make sure everything clean do you

manscape do you manscape do you manscape

do y'all wha

i don't have i don't have a choice when

i'm on set got a choice

oh you ain't know that i don't need uh

what's the question no frill though no

that's a big topic though

oh gee you you kick us off because you

you know sometimes you take us

you get our head right why are you

asking me then cause you're the og

that's what man i know what everybody


what's the question the question is

should we what's our hygiene down here

should we be cleaning up

bruh this manscape it depends on what

your girl want with your lady like

i said like this it's some dirty dudes

out there some dirty people

we all know the shower pill thing yeah

yeah yeah that's true

and i don't know about man escaping and

out of the air we all got preference and

it's a little too personal for on air

but if you know you know you know

do your thing i just want these young

boys just just drop between your

[ __ ] toes

like these young boys they don't know


drive between your toes yeah cause guys

get out the shower

between your toes it's fun but we don't

have these conversations oh you're

talking about it's

essential that you wash washing

no more than washing dry your

[ __ ] inner toes

oh i feel like it it's it's our

responsibility as men

to make sure you trimmed and you clean

down there exactly man

just overall hygiene like

like whether you shave your nuts or not

bro like

just be clean like it's too many like

brush your teeth too like

put deodorant on take baths multiple

like there's no capping there's no cap

of how many baths you or showers you

could take in a day and we're talking


rich wealthy people that does not do

that all the time

it's some nasty people that really is

out here that's like bro like how could

you do this to yourself

let alone your girl right you know what

i'm saying like you're you're dirty but

like for me all right make no mistake

about it like i'm

scruffy right now i'm going through a

phase of my life and a lot of it has to

do with my professional phase i don't

give a [ __ ]

like i'm in that mode like i'm scruffy

and i want people to know that

and i remind myself every time i look in

that mirror but

i'm clean as a whistle man it's 20 21 i

think manscaping is really important

shade between the ass cheeks


i love mojo oh joe's back

fellas what's going on y'all need some

time appreciate it there you go man yes

sir cam newton here

at your service be here all day all

right now

hey brother how you doing there you go

all right now you sure you need another


oh okay okay okay make sure you gotta

close it up after you get done

big man you need something you you sure

all right cam new i'll be here all day

giving all your tiles


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