Best 3D Pen Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

today we have four artists you have a

mystery item under your plate

go ahead and lift it up

this looks like a nose trimmer this is a


pen and this is what you're gonna put in

your 3d pen

you have seven hours to make a piece of

art using your 3d pen

whoever has the best one wins five grand

one go

oh my gosh you will be splitting it with

a subscriber i'm gonna pair you with in

a little bit

i personally have no idea how to use it

so here's

an instruction manual don't touch the

tip it's hot

mackenzie i just said don't touch the



what are you going to be making for your

piece of art i have no idea yet but i

just made my name

what are you gonna make i'm going to

make a minecraft creeper

i've decided that i'm going to make a


i'm going to be doing a spider i'm going

to go ahead and try to make this little

mini chameleon


you know what we're gonna make this very

interesting i'm gonna let you guys

choose who you think will win if that

person wins i'll give you an extra

hundred dollars

nice jess who do you think will win me

like that

yeah ooh michelle

who do you think will win you can bet on

yourself if you want

jake how about you jazz is gonna win

based off

of analytics and statistics i'm just

gonna say jake

all right just on statistics

not on any of my abilities no also i'm

about to pair you guys up with a

subscriber right now

what's gonna happen is you'll be

competing for the subscriber but for

some incentive

if you win i'll give you 500 and the

rest of the money will go to the


artists one more thing if you don't win

you go for a swim

everyone over the next few minutes i'm

going to be pairing you up with a


yeah we're doing zhc crafts right now

and it's really hard but i'm trying

i'm trying my best if i win this

challenge you can win up to five

thousand dollars

do you have any advice for me well you

can do a creeper

yeah i'm actually gonna start with like

a spider web and a spider you know

something simple

do you have any words of wisdom for me

like tips or anything

to make it different if i win i have the

chance to win

up to five thousand dollars for you

all right so you guys all have a

subscriber you're competing for

good luck


okay so i'm attempting to make some

chameleons and they keep on coming out

like a little



all right everyone give me a number from

one through ten five

six three three two all right so the

number you said

is how many times you're gonna roll this

exercise ball oh

well let's just do whatever you got

times five yes so you have 125 push-ups

to do

michelle roll it michelle you have 120

jumping squats

all right jake yes 60 jumping jacks

no no 40 burpees with a push-up keep

that in mind mackenzie


what the heck my body's just failing


i'm getting such a huge headache from

this i'm gonna go take a nap

a shout


i think i'm going to attempt to make

grogu's face

hey jay what part of baby yoda is that

his name's grogu but it's gonna be the




first person to make a cube gets to

break a piece off of anyone's art

and add it to their own go okay it needs

to be a new one

look at it that's a cube

oh no jazz what it's so cute zack

so jazz congrats you win this mini




so as you can see they're finally

settling in and learning how to use

their 3d pens

even jake now we are going to play a

simple game

of rock paper scissors

and if you lose you have to use your

left hand

rock paper scissors shoot oh shoot

rock paper scissors shoot rock paper

scissors shoot

all right so it's been around 30 minutes

jess play me again in rock paper


if you win you get to go back to using

your right hand if you don't win

you're stuck with it rock paper scissors



rock paper scissors shoot all in all i

think they're doing okay

i'm just not sure if they're gonna have

enough time to finish but

yeah we'll see we have some fun

challenges coming up time for

a mini challenge

roll to see what you have to do and

multiply it by one

20 jumping squats 20 times four

80 burpees

eight minutes of links there's nothing

mckenzie you have 75 crunches


jake jess are you too tired of using

your left hand yet all right so

you can stop if you beat me in this game

of rock paper scissors

rock paper scissors shoot rock paper

scissors shoot

rock paper scissors shoot i'm dying


currently 2 a.m michelle and i are still


yes i am done with mr bacon

cutting into it

i did all of this for nothing

so i'm back it's 7 51 in the morning i

just made

grogu's little chip so he's gonna be in


she's been up since four o'clock in the

morning and she got up and started

working at what

six and this is all i've gotten done

eight o'clock in the morning and i'm

still working on

my little chameleon and he's looking a

little lonely

so i'm gonna put this by next to him all


so as you guys know it's the next

morning you guys have five minutes left

jake it looks like you still have a lot

to do in this basket

garogu like flies around

oh very impressive mackenzie oh my

goodness you chopped your dragon

yeah what happened

so my prediction was that mackenzie's

was gonna look really really good


ten nine eight seven six

five four three two one

time is up good job everyone

all right so i think it looks really

really cool

i like how it's interacting with its

environment i would say however

would have been kind of cool to see a

little cricket over here or fly

very impressed with your creeper i can't

believe you made an entire barn

that is that's really good and then you

have these little blocks good job

so i really like the attention to detail

especially the pinks in the face

the cheeks especially good job jake

and finally mackenzie definitely

a lot of attention to detail has a

tongue in here that is

very cool i like i like how you have a

lot of different colors on here you have

spikes great job but with that being


only one of you will win before i start

eliminating people jake yours is the

only one that isn't

complete i'm sorry jake unfortunately

i feel like compared to the other

contestants yours had a little less


a little more see-through you are


and this is actually kind of interesting

michelle you placed your bet on mckenzie

so either way

you're getting money so win win for me

mackenzie who did you bet i bet on jake

since this is a very close match up i'm

gonna let

my subscribers chase the results are in

i feel bad i wish both of you could win

but the winner

is any guesses


now what happens is get to play me rock

paper scissors

you have five tries each time you win

you win a thousand dollars for your


you are playing for ivy rock paper

scissors shoot

that is the one thousand dollars for ivy

rock paper scissors shoot

shoot shoot rock paper scissors shoot

you tied all the other ones so i won you

a thousand dollars but then zach also

said that i could give my 500 to you

you're gonna win fifteen hundred dollars


yeah you're welcome three two one

i feel like a polar bear so you guys all

got paired with a subscriber so

if you want to be in our videos you

might want to subscribe and we might

pick you to be on one of the videos so

yeah subscribe subscribe

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